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des-2013A virtual reality study of surrounding obstacles on BIPV systems for estimation of long-term performance of partially shaded PV arraysCelik, Berk; Karatepe, Engin; Gokmen, Nuri; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago
2003Adjust of solar cell model parameters based in MATLABSilvestre Bergés, Santiago; Guasch Murillo, Daniel; Ortega Villasclaras, Pablo Rafael; Navarro Mas, Nacho
set-2013An efficient fault diagnosis method for PV systems based on operating voltage-windowGokmen, Nuri; Karatepe, Engin; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Celik, Berk; Ortega Villasclaras, Pablo Rafael
AnalysisGaAs.pdf.jpg11-feb-2009Analysis of GaAs-Ti thin films deposited by sputtering onto c-Si and GaAsSilvestre Bergés, Santiago; Puigdollers i González, Joaquim; Boronat, A.; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María
CIES2002.pdf.jpg1-set-2002Diagnóstico de sistemas fotovoltaicos mediante detección automática de las causas de falloGuasch Murillo, Daniel; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Calatayud Camps, Robert
oct-2013Effect of annealing atmosphere in the properties of GaAs layers deposited by sputtering techniques on Si substratesGaliana, Beatriz; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Algora, C.; Rey-Stolle, I
Silvestre_25thEPSEC_5thWCPECpaper5700[1]-set2010.pdf.jpg2010Fault detection and automatic supervision methodology for PV systemsSilvestre Bergés, Santiago; Chouder, Aissa
1-jul-2014Global MPPT scheme for photovoltaic string inverters based on restricted voltage window search algorithmBoztepe, Mutlu; Guinjoan Gispert, Francisco; Velasco Quesada, Guillermo; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Chouder, Aissa; Karatepe, Engin
Silvestre_35th IEEE PVSC_identifiying_05614293.pdf.jpg2010Identifiying causes of power reduction in photovoltaic systemsSilvestre Bergés, Santiago; Chouder, Aissa
2013Influence of hydrogen on the optical absorption response of GaAs(Ti) films deposited by R.F. sputteringBoronat Moreiro, Alfredo; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María
23-ago-2011Light harvesting photovoltaic mini-generatorBermejo Broto, Sandra; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Ortega Villasclaras, Pablo Rafael; Herrera, Gerard
2013Low pressure spherical thermal anemometer for space missionsKowalski, Lukasz; Jimenez Serres, Vicente; Domínguez Pumar, Manuel; Gorreta Mariné, Sergio; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María
gen-2012Modeling and simulation of a grid connected PV system based on the evaluation of main PV module parametersChouder, Aissa; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Sadaoui, Nawel; Rahmani, Lazhar
mai-2013Monitoring, modelling and simulation of PV systems using LabVIEWChouder, Aissa; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Taghezouit, Bilal; Karatepe, Engin
JVTBD9315051209_1.pdf.jpg12-set-2013Ohmic contacts fabricated on moderately doped p-type GaAs by sputtering deposition and a laser-firing processBoronat Moreiro, Alfredo; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Orpella García, Alberto
14-ago-2012Optical absorption of radio frequency sputtered GaAs(Ti) filmsBoronat, A; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Fuertes Marrón, D.; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María; Martí, A.; Luque, Antonio
gen-2013Optical and compositional characterization of GaAs(Ti) thin films deposited by R.F. magnetron sputteringBoronat, Artur; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María
2011Optical measurements on GaAs(Ti) thin films sputtered on GaAsBoronat Moreiro, Alfredo; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María
nov-2012Simple diagnostic approach for determining of faulted PV modules in string based PV arraysGokmen, Nuri; Karatepe, Engin; Celik, Berk; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago
Silvestre_35th IEEE  PVSC_study_05614067.pdf.jpg2010Study of GaAs(Ti) thin films as candidates for IB solar cells manufacturingSilvestre Bergés, Santiago; Boronat, A.; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María
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