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Report Higher Education in the World

Report: Higher Education in the World 2006: The Financing of Universities : [8]

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Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
2006Financing higher education: international perspectivesSanyal, Bikas C; Martin, Michaela
2006How universities can contribute to an alliance of civilizationsTres, Joaquim
2006Final declaration from the meeting of Nobel Laureates in Barcelona-
2006Nobel Laureate's views on higher educationArber, Werner; Saramago, José
2006Responsibilities, challenges, opportunities and governance - rethinking the university for the 21st centuryVan Ginkel, Hans J.A.
2006Private higher education: philanthropy to profitsTilak, Jandhayala B.G
2006Resource allocation mechanisms in tertirary education: a typology and an assessmentSalmi, Jamil; Hauptman, Arthur, M.
2006Commercial crossborder education: implications for financing higher educationKnight, Jane


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