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Instrumentation viewpoint

2004, núm. 2 : [18]

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1-abr-2004Table of contents-
1-abr-2004Editor board-
1-abr-2004Editor’s Note-
1-abr-2004Design of Low-cost Smart Accelerometers-
1-abr-2004Remote Control System of Distributed, Embarked Instrumentation-
1-abr-2004Autonomous Ocean Bottom Seismometers Signal Transmission-
1-abr-2004Cormorán, development of a new mobile and autonomous ocean observation platform-
1-abr-2004Computing Optimization for Design, Construction and Testing of Trawling Techniques-
1-abr-20043D Passive Acoustic Tracking of Cetaceans-
1-abr-2004What is Siconos?-
1-abr-2004USB Connectivity for Microcontrollers-
1-abr-2004Control of Monolithic Spectrometer : Applications for environmental monitoring-
1-abr-2004Signal Processing in Ocean Bottom Seismographs for Refraction Seismology-
1-abr-2004CAN bus Distributed Control and Monitoring System-
1-abr-2004Distributed Temperature Measurement System-
1-abr-2004Development of a Stand-Alone Trigger System for Research Vessels using Embedded Real-Time Java-
1-abr-2004Combining Undergraduate Research and Industrial Practice: A successful Approach to University – Industry Relationships-
1-abr-2004SARTI News-


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