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Instrumentation viewpoint

2003, núm. 1 : [14]

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1-oct-2003Table of contents-
1-oct-2003Editor board-
1-oct-2003Editor’s Note-
1-oct-2003Virtual Distributed Instrumentation in the substation environment-
1-oct-2003Climate Chamber Control and Fine Tuning : Marine Seismometer Oscillator Applications-
1-oct-2003On-line Monitoring of the Differential Lenght Between Nucleus and Coating in Optical Conductor Manufacturing-
1-oct-2003Low Cost Acquisition System for a Serial Bus-
1-oct-2003Implemntation of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for DC/DC Converters Using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-
1-oct-2003A Robust and Compact Recorder System for Ocean Bottom Seismometers equipment-
1-oct-2003Servicio de Distribución de Datos Meteorológicos-
1-oct-2003Application by Means of FPGA of Adaptative Canceler 50 Hz Interference in Electrocardiography-
1-oct-2003Automation of Quality Control of Fibre Optics Cable Manufacturing-
1-oct-2003SARTI News-
1-oct-2003About SARTI-


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