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dc.contributorRojas Gregorio, José Ignacio
dc.contributorMazón Bueso, Jordi
dc.contributor.authorCabrera Agudo, Bárbara
dc.coverage.spatialeast=2.0384788513183594; north=41.31353159891819; name=08840 Viladecans, Barcelona, Espanya
dc.description.abstractThis thesis is a part of the embryo of a project proposed by the Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering School of Castelldefels and by the Viladecans Town hall. In this work we analyse of the Eolic energy that the Agropolis of Viladecans (where we have a representative regime of winds which are typical in the Llobregat's Delta) could obtain by the use of small scale wind turbines. We consider three different types of wind turbines: the HP 600W, installed in the Agropolis of Viladecans, which has been periodically collecting recorded readings of the power produced, the Savonius for which three different models were studied and finally the IT-PE-100 was contemplated without much detail. To verify the data of wind speed/power generated provided by the system of power data acquisition installed in the HP-600W were correct, a series of tests are done to compare the data with the values calculated from wind speed's measurements by the Meteocat station at 2 m high, then extrapolated to 8 m using the wind potential equation. We also analysed the suitability of different coefficients of terrain roughness to check if the coefficient used in previous work were the right. Then we analysed the characteristic curves of different types of wind turbines studied to see which one produced more power for a given wind speed. After choosing the most suitable type of wind turbine, we observe the rate of return of each one of them. When calculating the rate of return, we considered the initial investment of the wind turbine and the savings that it would produce each year, the cost are increased by 2.5% due to the IPC and the corresponding expenses such as the maintenance. Because of these factors a return rate of 42 years we obtained. Finally, we conclude that the wind energy that could be obtained in Viladecans with the wind turbines studied in this prohect is not profitable enough considering the cost and the current price per kWh.
dc.publisherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Energies::Energia eòlica::Aerogeneradors
dc.subject.lcshSolar power plants
dc.subject.otherWind turbine
dc.subject.otherEnergia renovable
dc.subject.otherRenewable energy
dc.titleEvaluation of the wind resource in the Agropolis in Viladecans: estimation and measurement of wind energy produced by small wind turbines
dc.typeBachelor thesis
dc.subject.lemacEnergia eòlica -- Catalunya
dc.rights.accessRestricted access - author's decision
dc.audience.educationlevelEstudis de primer/segon cicle
dc.audience.mediatorEscola d'Enginyeria de Telecomunicació i Aeroespacial de Castelldefels

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