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dc.contributorChinowsky, Paul
dc.contributorCremades Oliver, Lázaro Vicente
dc.contributor.authorVenceslao Molins, Oriol
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Projectes d'Enginyeria
dc.coverage.spatialeast=7.398574000000053; north=9.0764785; name=Abuja, Nigèria
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-0.18696439999996528; north=5.603716800000001; name=Airport Area, Accra, Ghana
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-17.366028599999936; north=14.7645042; name=Dakar, Senegal
dc.coverage.spatialeast=29.69626770000002; north=30.7622959; name=Alexandria, Egipte
dc.coverage.spatialeast=7.546388500000035; north=6.4583661; name=Independence Layout Phase II, Enugu, Nigèria
dc.coverage.spatialeast=30.11273499999993; north=-1.9578755; name=Rukiri II, Kigali, Ruanda
dc.coverage.spatialeast=36.84573610000007; north=-1.2915364; name=Shauri Moyo, Nairobi, Kenya
dc.coverage.spatialeast=108.07172190000006; north=16.05445629999999; name=Hòa Ninh, Hòa Vang, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
dc.coverage.spatialeast=72.87765590000004; north=19.0759837; name=Tata N Y K Transport Systems Ltd, Friends Colony, Hallow Pul, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, Índia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=104.89216680000004; north=11.5448729; name=Sangkat Stueng Mean Chey, Phnom Penh, Cambodja
dc.coverage.spatialeast=100.50176510000006; north=13.7563309; name=Wat Bowon Niwet, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Tailàndia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=54.69727739999996; north=24.2991738; name=Al-Wathba North - Abu Dhabi - Emirats Àrabs Units
dc.coverage.spatialeast=121.473701; north=31.230416; name=200 Ren Min Da Dao, RenMin GuangChang, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, Xina, 200000
dc.coverage.spatialeast=114.17953491210938; north=22.276389027850755; name=Morrison Hill, Hong Kong
dc.coverage.spatialeast=12.31551509999997; north=45.4408474; name=santa marta terminal passeggeri, 30100 Venezia, Itàlia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-4.251805999999988; north=55.864237; name=Killermont St, Glasgow, Regne Unit
dc.coverage.spatialeast=4.895167899999933; north=52.3702157; name=P.C. Hoofstraat 76, 1012 Amsterdam, Països Baixos
dc.coverage.spatialeast=9.99368179999999; north=53.5510846; name=Rathausmarkt Hauptbahnhof, Plan 8, 20095 Hamburg, Alemanya
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-2.5879099999999653; north=51.454513; name=Bristol, Regne Unit
dc.coverage.spatialeast=19.04023499999994; north=47.497912; name=Budapest, Clark Ádám tér, 1013 Hongria
dc.coverage.spatialeast=2.1734034999999494; north=41.38506389999999; name=Bas Catedral Apartments, Carrer de Duran i Bas, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Espanya
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-80.211181640625; north=25.78010711842224; name=East Little Havana, Miami, FL, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-105.27054559999999; north=40.0149856; name=Goss - Grove, Boulder, CO 80302, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-100.3161126; north=25.6866142; name=Col Obrera, Sarabia, Monterrey, N.L., Mèxic
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-106.4850217; north=31.7618778; name=501-599 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-71.05888010000001; north=42.3600825; name=Government Center, Boston, MA 02203, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-122.27274699999998; north=37.8715926; name=University Av & Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-118.2436849; north=34.0522342; name=Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=144.96305600000005; north=-37.81361100000001; name=197 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Austràlia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=172.63622540000006; north=-43.53205440000001; name=Hereford St near Colombo St, Canterbury 8011, Nova Zelanda
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-63.2373046875; north=-17.748686651728793; name=Provincia de Andrés Ibáñez, Bolívia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-43.17289649999998; north=-22.9068467; name=BRS 1,2,3,4,5 - Almirante Barroso - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brasil
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-66.90360629999998; north=10.4805937; name=La Bandera, Caracas, Capital District, Veneçuela
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-75.56457369999998; north=6.2530408; name=Villa Nueva, Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colòmbia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-56.16453139999999; north=-34.9011127; name=Tres Cruces, Montevideo, Departament de Montevideo, Uruguai
dc.coverage.spatialeast=31.021840399999974; north=-29.85868039999999; name=Durban Central, Durban, 4001, Sud-àfrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-7.589843400000063; north=33.5731104; name=Casablanca, Marroc
dc.coverage.spatialeast=38.75776050000002; north=8.9806034; name=Nefassilk Lafto, Addis Ababa, Etiòpia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=139.69170639999993; north=35.6894875; name=2 Chome-8-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0023, Japó
dc.coverage.spatialeast=126.97796919999996; north=37.566535; name=31-14 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
dc.coverage.spatialeast=101.71230300000002; north=3.1569486; name=504, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malàisia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-0.12775829999998223; north=51.5073509; name=Wimbledon Park Road Toilets, London WC2N, Regne Unit
dc.coverage.spatialeast=37.6173; north=55.755826; name=Tverskoy District, Moscow, Rússia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=18.068580800000063; north=59.32932349999999; name=Norrmalm, Stockholm, Suècia
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-99.13320799999997; north=19.4326077; name=Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial S.A. de C.V., Hesíodo, Polanco, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mèxic
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-79.38318429999998; north=43.653226; name=141 Kennedy Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2L2, Canadà
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-87.62979819999998; north=41.8781136; name=Dearborn/Adams, Chicago, IL 60604, Estats Units d'Amèrica
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-58.381559100000004; north=-34.60368440000001; name=San Nicolás, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-78.46783820000002; north=-0.1806532; name=Bellavista, Quito, Equador
dc.coverage.spatialeast=-70.6692655; north=-33.4488897; name=PA369-Parada 5 / (M) República, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Xile
dc.description.abstractGlobal urbanization is compounding the potential impacts of climate change, increasing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and complicating impacts to people’s livelihoods. Risks include increased frequency of flooding, drought, extreme heatwaves, sea level rise and more; posing significant challenges to governments and decision makers. These challenges are especially high in dense urban areas. Despite these clear risks, many cities have not yet begun to address climate change. However, according to UN-Habitat, when properly planned, implemented, and managed through the appropriate governance structures, cities can be places of innovation and efficiency. Together with their local authorities cities have the potential to diminish the causes of climate change (mitigation) and effectively protect themselves from its impacts (adaptation). The goal of the research is to identify key aspects of adaptation and mitigation to climate change and identify trends among how cities are managing and approaching the issue of climate change, as well as enhance collaboration and sharing knowledge as a way to improve efficiency while building resilience to it. Additionally, this work seeks to identify holes and opportunities in these plans to help cities become more resilient and less vulnerable by managing efficiently by focusing on critical issues. The research consists of a comparison between 50 cities worldwide, based on published “Climate Action Plans” or other key organizational government documents. Specific government actions and risks, adaptation and mitigation measures are identified. These measures are then compared across specific sectors and city characteristics including Köppen Indicator and GDP to identify trends and enhance collaboration between cities. Actions to face climate change are organized by mitigation and adaptation measures. Mitigation measures are sorted by different sectors, and adaptation measures are divided based on identified risks. This provides governments a way to organize efficiently their measures and manage emissions issues (mitigation) and adaptation practices (adaptation). This research shows that most urban areas face similar threats to climate change induced risks. However, many cities do not yet have action plans to minimize these risks. Identifying most common climate change-induced risks, most common adaptation and mitigation practices, and detecting where missing or incomplete information can be improved can enable cities to become more resilient both in the short and in the long term. The combination between acting based on own findings and sharing experiences and therefore learning from other cities with similar features is the best strategy to address climate change in a local scale.
dc.publisherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Desenvolupament humà i sostenible::Política i gestió ambiental
dc.subject.lcshUrban climatology
dc.subject.lcshClimate change mitigation
dc.subject.lcshUrban ecology
dc.titleHow cities deal with climate change: From individual to collective performance
dc.typeMaster thesis (pre-Bologna period)
dc.subject.lemacClimatologia urbana
dc.subject.lemacCanvis climàtics -- Mitigació
dc.subject.lemacEcologia urbana
dc.rights.accessOpen Access
dc.audience.educationlevelEstudis de primer/segon cicle
dc.audience.mediatorEscola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona
dc.audience.degreeENGINYERIA INDUSTRIAL (Pla 1994)
dc.contributor.covenanteeInstitute of Climate & Civil Systems

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