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  • Turbulence models for simulation and modeling in textile engineering 

    Bergadà Granyó, Josep Maria; Tayari Akankwasa, Nicholus (Elsevier, 2021-04-01)
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    Turbulence accounts for most of the processes in textile engineering among other interdisciplinary fields. In this chapter, a comprehensive description of turbulent models and description of important terms and theories ...
  • Earth Observation Technologies: Low-End-Market Disruptive Innovation 

    Rodríguez Donaire, Silvia; Sureda Anfres, Miquel; García-Almiñana, Daniel; Sierra, Eloi (IntechOpen, 2020-07)
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    After decades of traditional space businesses, the space paradigm is changing. New approaches to more efficient missions in terms of costs, design, and manufacturing processes are fostered. For instance, placing big ...