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  • Predictable parallel programming with OpenMP 

    Serrano Gracia, María Astón; Royuela Alcázar, Sara; Marongiu, Andrea; Quiñones Moreno, Eduardo (River Publishers, 2018)
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    Open Access
    This chapter motivates the use of the OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) parallel programming model to develop future critical real-time embedded systems, and analyzes the time-predictable properties of the OpenMP tasking ...
  • Towards an OpenMP Specification for Critical Real-Time Systems 

    Serrano Gracia, María Astón; Royuela Alcázar, Sara; Quiñones Moreno, Eduardo (Springer, 2018)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    OpenMP is increasingly being considered as a convenient parallel programming model to cope with the performance requirements of critical real-time systems. Recent works demonstrate that OpenMP enables to derive guarantees ...