Recent Submissions

  • Gender equality policies for the incorporation of the gender perspective in maritime studies: a case study 

    Barahona Fuentes, Claudia; Castells Sanabra, Marcel·la; Torralbo Gavilán, Jordi; Ordás Jiménez, Santiago (International Association of Maritime Universities, 2019)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    This paper aims to determine the effectiveness and impact of current gender equality policies, regulations and programmes in the maritime educational sector. To this end, the specific policies and ...
  • STEM students’ perception of gender mainstreaming in teaching: the development of a measuring tool 

    Alsina Aubach, Montserrat; Mas de les Valls Ortiz, Elisabet; Martínez Costa, Carme; Pino González, David; Peña Carrera, Marta; Barahona Fuentes, Claudia (2019)
    Conference lecture
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    This study assesses the development process of a tool to measure students’ perceptions of gender mainstreaming in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies. Within the framework of a pilot project ...