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  • Female figures in maritime education and training institutions between 2009 and 2018: analysing possible impacts of gender policies 

    Barahona Fuentes, Claudia; Castells Sanabra, Marcel·la; Ordás Jiménez, Santiago; Torralbo Gavilán, Jordi (2020-01-01)
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    This paper intends to provide a figure analysis of female students in Maritime Education and Training (MET) institutions over a decade (2009-2018) with the aim to analyse the possible impact of the gender equality policies ...
  • STEM students’ perception of gender mainstreaming in teaching: the development of a measuring tool 

    Alsina Aubach, Montserrat; Mas de les Valls Ortiz, Elisabet; Martínez Costa, Carme; Pino González, David; Peña Carrera, Marta; Barahona Fuentes, Claudia (2019)
    Conference lecture
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    This study assesses the development process of a tool to measure students’ perceptions of gender mainstreaming in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies. Within the framework of a pilot project ...
  • Composite methodology to prevent ship propeller erosion 

    Llull Marroig, Antoni Ignaci; Mujal Colilles, Anna; Castells Sanabra, Marcel·la; Gironella Cobos, Xavier (2020-01)
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    The jet flow generated by manoeuvring ships nearby vertical structures is known to erode the seabed sediment but is still difficult to predict the effects of a particular ship operating in a harbour basin. This paper ...