The group is currently working on different aspects of network security. These are some of the projects developed by the members of the group since 1981:

- CELTIC/EUREKA: FIDELITY, to deploy multiple Circles of Trust scenarios to test the readiness of Liberty Alliance Protocols, and the legal and security aspects to be applied by all the involved actors. We leaded security evaluation WP of Fidelity project, developed scenarios, components and profiles of users in Liberty Alliance Platform. We also specified and developed PKI, mobile and geolocation enabled applications. Collaboration with standardisation bodies proposing of standards and best practices to met legal and business requirements, mainly those dealing with data privacy and property rights.

- IST: EISPP, to promote SME computer and network security policies, and to define and set-up a service to issue a vulnerability advisories publication service, coordinated with several European Union CERTs.

- TEN-Telecom: CertiVeR project, to specify and deploy a service to validate and revoke Qualified Certificates, and other user credentials.

- IST: PERMIS, together with the Univ. of Salford amongst others, to experiment access control to information systems, based on attribute certificates and PMI (Privilege Management Infrastr.).

- IST ESTIO, Project, funded by the ISIS program of the EC and leaded by UPC to specify Qualified Certificates and other e-signature verification and generation products assessment tools, based on: ETSI ES 201377 and IETF CMS.

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