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dc.contributor.authorNeff, M.
dc.contributor.authorNezri, E.
dc.contributor.authorPalioselitis, D.
dc.contributor.authorGiordano, V.
dc.contributor.authorPavalas, G.E.
dc.contributor.authorMontaruli, T.
dc.contributor.authorGómez González, J.P.
dc.contributor.authorMorganti, M.
dc.contributor.authorGleixner, A
dc.contributor.authorMoscoso, L.
dc.contributor.authorGuillard, G.
dc.contributor.authorMotz, H.
dc.contributor.authorGraf, K.
dc.contributor.authorPayet, K.
dc.contributor.authorPetrovic, J.
dc.contributor.authorAstraatmadja, T.
dc.contributor.authorAdrián-Martínez, S.
dc.contributor.authorFritsch, U.
dc.contributor.authorAl Samarai, Imen
dc.contributor.authorFuda, J.-L.
dc.contributor.authorAlbert, A.
dc.contributor.authorGalata, S.
dc.contributor.authorAndré, Michel
dc.contributor.authorGay, P.
dc.contributor.authorAnghinolfi, M.
dc.contributor.authorGeyer, K.
dc.contributor.authorAnton, G.
dc.contributor.authorGiacomelli, G.
dc.contributor.authorAnvar, S.
dc.contributor.authorArdid, M.
dc.contributor.authorRichardt, C.
dc.contributor.authorRichter, R.
dc.contributor.authorReed, C.
dc.contributor.authorRiccobene, Giorgio
dc.contributor.authorFolger, F.
dc.contributor.authorPresani, E.
dc.contributor.authorFlaminio, V.
dc.contributor.authorRacca, C.
dc.contributor.authorFerry, s.
dc.contributor.authorPopa, V.
dc.contributor.authorFehn, K.
dc.contributor.authorPradier, T.
dc.contributor.authorRivière, C.
dc.contributor.authorEberl, T.
dc.contributor.authorPiatelli, P.
dc.contributor.authorEmanuele, U.
dc.contributor.authorDorosti, Q.
dc.contributor.authorDrouhin, D.
dc.contributor.authorEscoffier, S.
dc.contributor.authorEnzehöfer, A.
dc.contributor.authorErnenwein, J.-P.
dc.contributor.authorDistefano, C.
dc.contributor.authorDornic, D.
dc.contributor.authorDonzaud, C.
dc.contributor.authorBonis, G. De
dc.contributor.authorDecowski, M.P.
dc.contributor.authorDekeyser, I.
dc.contributor.authorDeschamps, A.
dc.contributor.authorCostantini, H.
dc.contributor.authorCoyle, Pascal
dc.contributor.authorCreusot, A.
dc.contributor.authorCurtil, C.
dc.contributor.authorCore, L.
dc.contributor.authorConiglione, R.
dc.contributor.authorCircella, M.
dc.contributor.authorCharvis, Ph.
dc.contributor.authorChiarusi, T.
dc.contributor.authorCecchini, S.
dc.contributor.authorCharif, Z.
dc.contributor.authorCârloganu, C.
dc.contributor.authorCarr, J.
dc.contributor.authorBusto, J.
dc.contributor.authorCapone, A.
dc.contributor.authorWagner, S.
dc.contributor.authorVisser, E.
dc.contributor.authorVan Elewyck, V.
dc.contributor.authorVallée, C.
dc.contributor.authorVernin, P.
dc.contributor.authorVecchi, M.
dc.contributor.authorMeli, A.
dc.contributor.authorTaiuti, M.
dc.contributor.authorMartinez Mora, J.A.
dc.contributor.authorTamburini, C.
dc.contributor.authorTrovato, A.
dc.contributor.authorVallage, B.
dc.contributor.authorLoehner, H.
dc.contributor.authorLoucatos, S.
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dc.contributor.authorLo Presti, D.
dc.contributor.authorMarcelin, M.
dc.contributor.authorMargiotta, A.
dc.contributor.authorLouis, F.
dc.contributor.authorZúñiga, J.
dc.contributor.authorMangano, S.
dc.contributor.authorZornoza, J.D.
dc.contributor.authorYepes, H.
dc.contributor.authorLefèvre, D.
dc.contributor.authorZaborov, D.
dc.contributor.authorLattuada, D.
dc.contributor.authorWilms, J.
dc.contributor.authorde Wolf, E.
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dc.contributor.authorWijnker, G.
dc.contributor.authorKreykenbohm, I.
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dc.contributor.authorRostovtsev, A.
dc.contributor.authorLahmann, R.
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dc.contributor.authorLambard, G.
dc.contributor.authorRujoiu, M.
dc.contributor.authorSánchez Losa, A.
dc.contributor.authorKooijman, P.
dc.contributor.authorSamtleben, D.F.E.
dc.contributor.authorKopper, C.
dc.contributor.authorSchmidt, J.
dc.contributor.authorKouchner, A.
dc.contributor.authorSapienza, P.
dc.contributor.authorKappes, A.
dc.contributor.authorKalekin, O.
dc.contributor.authorKavatsyuk, O.
dc.contributor.authorRobert, A.
dc.contributor.authorKatz, U.
dc.contributor.authorRoensch, K.
dc.contributor.authorBouwhuis, M.C.
dc.contributor.authorBouhou, B.
dc.contributor.authorBou-Cabo, M.
dc.contributor.authorSpies, A.
dc.contributor.authorde Jong, M.
dc.contributor.authorBogazzi, C.
dc.contributor.authorSimeone, F.
dc.contributor.authorKadler, M.
dc.contributor.authorBigongiari, C.
dc.contributor.authorShanidze, R.
dc.contributor.authorHöbl, J.
dc.contributor.authorBiagi, S.
dc.contributor.authorHsu, C.C.
dc.contributor.authorSchüssler, F.
dc.contributor.authorBertin, V.
dc.contributor.authorHernández Rey, J.J.
dc.contributor.authorBasa, S.
dc.contributor.authorStolarczyk, Th.
dc.contributor.authorHerold, B.
dc.contributor.authorBaret, B.
dc.contributor.authorSteijger, J.J.M.
dc.contributor.authorAubert, J.-J.
dc.contributor.authorSpurio, M.
dc.contributor.authorBrunner, J.
dc.contributor.authorHello, Y.
dc.contributor.authorHeijboer, A.J.
dc.contributor.authorSchöck, F.
dc.contributor.authorvan Haren, H.
dc.contributor.authorSchuller, J.-P.
dc.contributor.authorHamal, M.
dc.contributor.authorHallewell, G.
dc.contributor.authorSchnabel, J.
dc.contributor.otherCentre Tecnològic de Vilanova i la Geltrú
dc.identifier.citationAdrián-Martínez, . [et al.]. Measurement of atmospheric neutrino oscillations with the ANTARES neutrino telescope. "Physics letters B", 14 Agost 2012, vol. 714, núm. 2-5, p. 224-230.
dc.description.abstractThe data taken with the ANTARES neutrino telescope from 2007 to 2010, a total live time of 863 days, are used to measure the oscillation parameters of atmospheric neutrinos. Muon tracks are reconstructed with energies as low as 20 GeV. Neutrino oscillations will cause a suppression of vertical upgoing muon neutrinos of such energies crossing the Earth. The parameters determining the oscillation of atmospheric neutrinos are extracted by fitting the event rate as a function of the ratio of the estimated neutrino energy and reconstructed flight path through the Earth. Measurement contours of the oscillation parameters in a two-flavour approximation are derived. Assuming maximal mixing, a mass difference of m2 32 = (3.1 ± 0.9) · 10−3 eV2 is obtained, in good agreement with the world average value.
dc.format.extent7 p.
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Física
dc.subject.lcshNeutrino astrophysics
dc.subject.otherNeutrino oscillations
dc.subject.otherNeutrino telescope
dc.titleMeasurement of atmospheric neutrino oscillations with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
dc.subject.lemacPartícules (Física nuclear)
dc.contributor.groupUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya. LAB - Laboratori d'Aplicacions Bioacústiques
dc.rights.accessOpen Access
dc.description.versionPostprint (published version)
upcommons.citation.authorAdrián-Martínez, .; Al Samarai, I.; Albert, A.; Andre, M.; Anghinolfi, M.; Anton, G.; Anvar, S.; Ardid, M.; Astraatmadja, T.; Aubert, J.; Baret, B.; Basa, S.; Bertin, V.; Biagi, S.; Bigongiari, C.; Bogazzi, C.; Bou-Cabo, M.; Bouhou, B.; Bouwhuis, M.; Brunner, J.; Busto, J.; Capone, A.; Cârloganu, C.; Carr, J.; Cecchini, S.; Charif, Z.; Charvis, P.; Chiarusi, T.; Circella, M.; Coniglione, R.; Core, L.; Costantini, H.; Coyle, P.; Creusot, A.; Curtil, C.; Bonis, G.; Decowski, M.; Dekeyser, I.; Deschamps, A.; Distefano, C.; Donzaud, C.; Dornic, D.; Dorosti, Q.; Drouhin, D.; Eberl, T.; Emanuele, U.; Enzehöfer, A.; Ernenwein, J.; Escoffier, S.; Fehn, K.; Ferry, S.; Flaminio, V.; Folger, F.; Fritsch, U.; Fuda, J.; Galata, S.; Gay, P.; Geyer, K.; Giacomelli, G.; Giordano, V.; Gleixner, A.; Gómez, J.; Graf, K.; Guillard, G.; Hallewell, G.; Hamal, M.; van Haren, H.; Heijboer, A.; Hello, Y.; Hernández, J.; Herold, B.; Höbl, J.; Hsu, C.; de Jong, M.; Kadler, M.; Kalekin, O.; Kappes, A.; Katz, U.; Kavatsyuk, O.; Kooijman, P.; Kopper, C.; Kouchner, A.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Kulikovskiy, V.; Lahmann, R.; Lambard, G.; Larosa, G.; Lattuada, D.; Lefèvre, D.; Lim, G.; Lo Presti, D.; Loehner, H.; Loucatos, S.; Louis, F.; Mangano, S.; Marcelin, M.; Margiotta, A.; Martinez, J.; Meli, A.; Montaruli, T.; Morganti, M.; Moscoso, L.; Motz, H.; Neff, M.; Nezri, E.; Palioselitis, D.; Pavalas, G.; Payet, K.; Petrovic, J.; Piatelli, P.; Popa, V.; Pradier, T.; Presani, E.; Racca, C.; Reed, C.; Riccobene, G.; Richardt, C.; Richter, R.; Rivière, C.; Robert, A.; Roensch, K.; Rostovtsev, A.; Ruiz, J.; Rujoiu, M.; Russo, G.; Samtleben, D.; Sánchez, A.; Sapienza, P.; Schmidt, J.; Schnabel, J.; Schöck, F.; Schuller, J.; Schüssler, F.; Shanidze, R.; Simeone, F.; Spies, A.; Spurio, M.; Steijger, J.; Stolarczyk, T.; Taiuti, M.; Tamburini, C.; Trovato, A.; Vallage, B.; Vallée, C.; Van Elewyck, V.; Vecchi, M.; Vernin, P.; Visser, E.; Wagner, S.; Wijnker, G.; Wilms, J.; de Wolf, E.; Yepes, H.; Zaborov, D.; Zornoza, J.D.; Zúñiga, J.
upcommons.citation.publicationNamePhysics letters B

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