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dc.contributorPellfolk, Stefan
dc.contributor.authorMoore-Milne, Liam
dc.contributor.authorAlcaide Cuatrecasas, Aina
dc.contributor.authorEyharts, Jean
dc.contributor.authorBoutonnet, Ben
dc.descriptionTreball desenvolupat dins el marc del programa 'European Project Semester'.
dc.description.abstractThere is a vacant space within the W33 building that is currently being used as a cafeteria. The cafeteria is no longer an essential requirement as a bigger one has been built within the Allere building, so the room will be used for another application. The project objective is to create an optimally beneficial space that is required within the campus. Team members will combine their skills and knowledge to create a solution. ”The Renew of the W33 Project” report will entail all the steps required to create the new space for the old cafeteria. The purpose of the study is to create a solution for the vacant W33 cafeteria that will provide the most benefits for staff/students. The group began the project with management in order to complete work in an efficient concise manner within the time limit. Planning also helped with making sure tasks were completed within the correct timeframe. In addition, risk evaluation minimized the change of a risk becoming detrimental to the project. After this, a survey displaying classroom options was created and the most popular options were chosen. Many factors needed to be considered so research began in order to address these factors. Each individual was assigned a task, this task needed to be completed and documented. Weekly meeting with the supervisor allowed the group to stay on track and present progress. Any shortcomings were pointed out and addressed. The survey allowed the group to narrow down the options to a large classroom, a small teamwork room and a cafeteria. Each individual researched their respective task and documented the findings. After the research had been completed, a solution was provided for all the major factors regarding the design of the new room. Both the interior design for the large classroom and small teamwork room has been completed including furniture options, distribution of classroom equipment and room layout. As well as this, the distribution of kitchen equipment has been completed. The choice regarding the type of food that will be sold has been stated as well as the type of equipment required. In addition, all the legislation regarding these issues have been researched and followed throughout the design process. The room lighting, floors and walls were also investigated and a solution regarding the optimal lighting level within the space has been provided. The results of the project are: a physical structure in order to easily visualize everything, using wood for the structure and 3D printing the rooms; and also a virtual model in order to give reality to the project.
dc.publisherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Arquitectura::Disseny
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria elèctrica
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria mecànica
dc.subject.lcshHuman engineering
dc.subject.lcshWork environment
dc.subject.lcshCollege environment
dc.titleThe Renew of the W33 Cafeteria
dc.typeBachelor thesis
dc.subject.lemacEquipaments universitaris
dc.rights.accessRestricted access - author's decision
dc.audience.mediatorEscola Politècnica Superior d'Enginyeria de Vilanova i la Geltrú
dc.audience.degreeGRAU EN ENGINYERIA MECÀNICA (Pla 2009)
dc.contributor.covenanteeYrkeshögskolan Novia
dc.contributor.covenanteeYrkeshögskolan Novia

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