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dc.contributor.authorPoch Parés, Agustí
dc.contributor.authorPraena, J.
dc.contributor.authorPretel Sánchez, Carme
dc.contributor.authorIgashira, M.
dc.contributor.authorQuesada, J.
dc.contributor.authorPigni, M.T.
dc.contributor.authorJericha, E.
dc.contributor.authorPlag, R.
dc.contributor.authorIsaev, S.
dc.contributor.authorPlompen, A.
dc.contributor.authorKaradimos, D.
dc.contributor.authorCennini, P.
dc.contributor.authorCarrapiço, C.
dc.contributor.authorCarrillo de Albornoz, A.
dc.contributor.authorCano-Ott, D.
dc.contributor.authorCapote, R.
dc.contributor.authorCalviani, M.
dc.contributor.authorCalviño Tavares, Francisco
dc.contributor.authorBelloni, F.
dc.contributor.authorBerthoumieux, E.
dc.contributor.authorPerrot, L.
dc.contributor.authorMartínez, T.
dc.contributor.authorPavlopoulos, P.
dc.contributor.authorPancin, J.
dc.contributor.authorPapachristodoulou, C.
dc.contributor.authorO'Brien, S.
dc.contributor.authorOshima, M.
dc.contributor.authorPatronis, N.
dc.contributor.authorPavlik, A.
dc.contributor.authorPapadopoulos, C.
dc.contributor.authorParadela, C.
dc.contributor.authorOberhummer, H.
dc.contributor.authorLozano, M.
dc.contributor.authorNeves, F.
dc.contributor.authorMosconi, M.
dc.contributor.authorTassan-Got, L.
dc.contributor.authorMastinu, P.
dc.contributor.authorTarrío, D.
dc.contributor.authorMendoza, E.
dc.contributor.authorTerlizzi, R.
dc.contributor.authorMilazzo, P.M.
dc.contributor.authorTavora, L.
dc.contributor.authorMoreau, C.
dc.contributor.authorLosito, R.
dc.contributor.authorVaz, P.
dc.contributor.authorVannini, G.
dc.contributor.authorMárques, L.
dc.contributor.authorVillamarin, D.
dc.contributor.authorMarrone, S.
dc.contributor.authorVentura, A.
dc.contributor.authorTagliente, G.
dc.contributor.authorMarganiec, J.
dc.contributor.authorTain, J.L.
dc.contributor.authorLukic, S.
dc.contributor.authorBaumann, P.
dc.contributor.authorBarbagallo, M.
dc.contributor.authorWisshak, K.
dc.contributor.authorPlukis, A.
dc.contributor.authorBadurek, G.
dc.contributor.authorLindote, A.
dc.contributor.authorWiescher, M.
dc.contributor.authorAudouin, L.
dc.contributor.authorLopes, I.
dc.contributor.authorWendler, H.
dc.contributor.authorAssimakopoulos, P.A.
dc.contributor.authorLampoudis, C.
dc.contributor.authorWalter, S.
dc.contributor.authorAndrzejewski, J.
dc.contributor.authorKadi, Y.
dc.contributor.authorLeeb, H.
dc.contributor.authorAndriamonje, S.
dc.contributor.authorKossionides, E.
dc.contributor.authorKrticka, M.
dc.contributor.authorÁlvarez-Velarde, F.
dc.contributor.authorÁlvarez, H.
dc.contributor.authorAerts, G.
dc.contributor.authorBecvár, F.
dc.contributor.authorKonovalov, V.
dc.contributor.authorVlastou, R.
dc.contributor.authorRauscher, T.
dc.contributor.authorKoehler, P.
dc.contributor.authorVoss, F.
dc.contributor.authorKetlerov, V.
dc.contributor.authorKerveno, M.
dc.contributor.authorVlachoudis, V.
dc.contributor.authorKaramanis, D.
dc.contributor.authorReifarth, R.
dc.contributor.authorAbbondanno, U.
dc.contributor.authorGriesmayer, E.
dc.contributor.authorLederer, C.
dc.contributor.authorGuerrero, C.
dc.contributor.authorColonna, N.
dc.contributor.authorHaas, B.
dc.contributor.authorDomingo-Pardo, C.
dc.contributor.authorHaight, R.
dc.contributor.authorGunsing, F.
dc.contributor.authorHeil, M.
dc.contributor.authorKäppeler, F.
dc.contributor.authorHerrera-Martinez, A.
dc.contributor.authorMassimi, C.
dc.contributor.authorMengoni, A.
dc.contributor.authorWallner, A.
dc.contributor.authorSarmento, R.
dc.contributor.authorSavvidis, I.
dc.contributor.authorSantos, C.
dc.contributor.authorSarchiapone, L.
dc.contributor.authorRullhusen, P.
dc.contributor.authorGramegna, F.
dc.contributor.authorSalgado, J.
dc.contributor.authorGoverdovski, A.
dc.contributor.authorRubbia, C.
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez-Romero, E.
dc.contributor.authorRudolf, G.
dc.contributor.authorGoncalves, I.
dc.contributor.authorStephan, C.
dc.contributor.authorRosetti, M.
dc.contributor.authorFerreira-Marques, R.
dc.contributor.authorFitzpatrick, L.
dc.contributor.authorFerrant, L.
dc.contributor.authorFerrari, A.
dc.contributor.authorFurman, W.
dc.contributor.authorFrais-Koelbl, H.
dc.contributor.authorFujiii, K.
dc.contributor.authorDuran, I.
dc.contributor.authorEmbid-Segura, M.
dc.contributor.authorEleftheriadis, C.
dc.contributor.authorDavid, S.
dc.contributor.authorDillmann, I.
dc.contributor.authorDolfini, R.
dc.contributor.authorDridi, W.
dc.contributor.authorCortés Rossell, Guillem Pere
dc.contributor.authorCouture, A.
dc.contributor.authorCox, J.
dc.contributor.authorDahlfors, M.
dc.contributor.authorChiaveri, E.
dc.contributor.authorChepel, V.
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear
dc.identifier.citationLederer, C. [et al.]. 197-Au(n,gamma ) cross section in the unresolved resonance region. "Physical review C", 17 Març 2011, vol. 83, p. 3460801-3460811.
dc.description.abstractThe cross section of the reaction 197Au(n,γ ) was measured with the time-of-flight technique at the n TOF (neutron time-of-flight) facility in the unresolved resonance region between 5 and 400 keV using a pair of C6D6 (where D denotes 2H) liquid scintillators for the detection of prompt capture γ rays. The results with a total uncertainty of 3.9%–6.7% for a resolution of 20 bins per energy decade show fair agreement with the Evaluated Nuclear Data File Version B-VII.0 (ENDF/B-VII.0), which contains the standard evaluation. The Maxwellianaveraged cross section (MACS) at 30 keV is in excellent agreement with the one according to the ENDF/B-VII.0 evaluation and 4.7% higher than the MACS measured independently by activation technique. Structures in the cross section, which had also been reported earlier, have been interpreted as being due to clusters of resonances.
dc.format.extent11 p.
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Energies::Energia nuclear
dc.subject.lcshNuclear energy
dc.title197-Au(n,gamma ) cross section in the unresolved resonance region
dc.subject.lemacEnergia nuclear
dc.contributor.groupUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya. GREENER - Grup de recerca d'estudis energètics i de les radiacions
dc.rights.accessRestricted access - publisher's policy
dc.description.versionPostprint (published version)
local.citation.authorLederer, C.; Colonna, N.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Gunsing, F.; Käppeler, F.; Massimi, C.; Mengoni, A.; Wallner, A.; Abbondanno, U.; Aerts, G.; Álvarez, H.; Álvarez-Velarde, F.; Andriamonje, S.; Andrzejewski, J.; Assimakopoulos, P.A.; Audouin, L.; Badurek, G.; Barbagallo, M.; Baumann, P.; Becvár, F.; Belloni, F.; Berthoumieux, E.; Calviani, M.; Calviño, F.; Cano-Ott, D.; Capote, R.; Carrapiço, C.; Carrillo de Albornoz, A.; Cennini, P.; Chepel, V.; Chiaveri, E.; Cortes, G.; Couture, A.; Cox, J.; Dahlfors, M.; David, S.; Dillmann, I.; Dolfini, R.; Dridi, W.; Duran, I.; Eleftheriadis, C.; Embid-Segura, M.; Ferrant, L.; Ferrari, A.; Ferreira-Marques, R.; Fitzpatrick, L.; Frais-Koelbl, H.; Fujiii, K.; Furman, W.; Goncalves, I.; Gonzalez-Romero, E.; Goverdovski, A.; Gramegna, F.; Griesmayer, E.; Guerrero, C.; Haas, B.; Haight, R.; Heil, M.; Herrera-Martinez, A.; Igashira, M.; Isaev, S.; Jericha, E.; Kadi, Y.; Karadimos, D.; Karamanis, D.; Kerveno, M.; Ketlerov, V.; Koehler, P.; Konovalov, V.; Kossionides, E.; Krticka, M.; Lampoudis, C.; Leeb, H.; Lindote, A.; Lopes, I.; Losito, R.; Lozano, M.; Lukic, S.; Marganiec, J.; Márques, L.; Marrone, S.; Martínez, T.; Mastinu, P.; Mendoza, E.; Milazzo, P.M.; Moreau, C.; Mosconi, M.; Neves, F.; Oberhummer, H.; O'Brien, S.; Oshima, M.; Pancin, J.; Papachristodoulou, C.; Papadopoulos, C.; Paradela, C.; Patronis, N.; Pavlik, A.; Pavlopoulos, P.; Perrot, L.; Pigni, M.T.; Plag, R.; Plompen, A.; Plukis, A.; Poch, A.; Praena, J.; Pretel, M.; Quesada, J.; Rauscher, T.; Reifarth, R.; Rosetti, M.; Rubbia, C.; Rudolf, G.; Rullhusen, P.; Salgado, J.; Santos, C.; Sarchiapone, L.; Sarmento, R.; Savvidis, I.; Stephan, C.; Tagliente, G.; Tain, J.L.; Tarrío, D.; Tassan-Got, L.; Tavora, L.; Terlizzi, R.; Vannini, G.; Vaz, P.; Ventura, A.; Villamarin, D.; Vlachoudis, V.; Vlastou, R.; Voss, F.; Walter, S.; Wendler, H.; Wiescher, M.; Wisshak, K.
local.citation.publicationNamePhysical review C

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