The research group on Computational Geometry and Applications (CGA) is devoted to carrying out research on computational geometry with a strong emphasis in applications. Computational geometry is an active field in the interface between applied mathematics and computer science that studies algorithmic problems involving discrete geometric objects. The field has applications in robotics, computer graphics, CAD/CAM, integrated circuit design, computer vision, and geographic information science.

The CGA group has the goal of working not only on the design of efficient algorithms, but also on their application to different domains. In particular, we will concentrate on making progress on core geometric problems, and on their applications to two concrete domains: robotics and geographic information science.

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  • Geomasking through perturbation, or counting points in circles 

    Löffler, Maarten; Luo, Jun; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio (2017)
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    Motivated by a technique in privacy protection, in which n points are randomly perturbed by at most a distance r, we study the following problem: Given n points and m circles in the plane, what is the maximum r such that ...

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