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JIEM includes contributions, but not limited to, in the following fields: Production Planning/Scheduling/Inventory, Logistics/Supply Chain, Quality Management, Operations Management and Operational Research


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Carlos Andres-Romano, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
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Angel Ruiz, Université de Laval, Canada
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Recent Submissions

  • A novel classification of supply chain risks: scale development and validation 

    Shahbaz, Muhammad Saeed; Rasi, Raja; Ahmad, MD Fauzi (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: Supply chain has become an essential element for any organization but risks are the major obstacles in achieving the performance even it can disrupt not only the organization but a whole system. Thus, it is ...
  • Application of fuzzy integrated FMEA with product lifetime consideration for new product development in flexible electronics industry 

    Pun, Kelvin P. L.; Rotanson, Jason; Cheung, Chee-Wah; Chan, Alan H. S. (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: the aim of this paper is to minimize the risks of new product development and shorten time-to-market, particularly for high-tech enterprise where the complexity of the product generates vast amount of failure mode. ...
  • A maturity model for the information-driven SME 

    Parra, Xileidys; Tort-Martorell Llabrés, Xavier; Ruiz Viñals, Carmen; Álvarez Gómez, Fernando (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: This article presents a maturity model for the evaluation of the information-driven decision-making process (DMP) in small and medium enterprises. This model is called “Simplified Holistic Approach to DMP Evaluation ...
  • Disaster management in industrial areas: perspectives, challenges and future research 

    Rebeeh, Yousuf; Pokharel, Shaligram; Abdella, Galal; Magid, S. Hamouda Abdel (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: In most countries, development, growth, and sustenance of industrial facilities are given utmost importance due to the influence in the socio-economic development of the country. Therefore, special economic zones, ...
  • A taxonomy of performance shaping factors for human reliability analysis in industrial maintenance 

    Franciosi, Chiara; Di Pasquale, Valentina; Lannone, Raffaele; Miranda, Salvatore (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: Human factors play an inevitable role in maintenance activities, and the occurrence of Human Errors (HEs) affects system reliability and safety, equipment performance and economic results. The high HE rate increased ...
  • Quality cost management in Moroccan industrial companies: empirical study 

    Ayach, Lamiaa; Anouar, Abdellah (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to give an insight into the practices of Moroccan industrial companies in the area of managing quality costs. Furthermore, it analyses how the quality costing system (QCS) implementation ...
  • A domain model for capturing knowledge of the Lean approach 

    Tiamaz, Younes; Souissi, Nissrine (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: The literature offers many definitions of the Lean but it lacks a standard definition that would facilitate its implementation. These definitions are closely related to the specificities of the domain, sector or ...
  • Analysis of critical machine reliability in manufacturing cells 

    Djassemi, Manocher; Seifoddini, Hamid (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: In an increasingly competitive business environment, machine reliability problem merits special attention in operations of manufacturing cells. This is mainly due to flow line nature of the cellular layout, ...
  • Designing a manufacturing cell system by assigning workforce 

    Ayough, Ashkan; Khorshidvand, Behrouz (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: In this paper, we have proposed a new model for designing a Cellular Manufacturing System (CMS) for minimizing the costs regarding a limited number of cells to be formed by assigning workforce. Design/methodolog ...
  • Continuous improvement enablers: defining a new construct 

    Sánchez, Lidia; Blanco, Beatriz; Gómez López, Raquel (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: Continuous improvement is a means of promoting and working through business excellence. However, due to the complexity of the implementation process, many companies fail. Some authors consider that this is partly ...
  • ISO 9001:2015 adoption: a multi-country empirical research 

    Ciravegna Martins da Fonseca, Luis Miguel; Domingues, José Pedro; Baylina Machado, Pilar; Harder, Deane (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: This paper aims at identifying obstacles, benefits, leading practices and lessons learned in the transition/certification of the revised standard for quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 for organizations in ...
  • Business model evolution of customer care services 

    Majava, Jukka; Isoherranen, Ville (OmniaScience, 2019-04)
    Open Access
    Purpose: Servitization is a rising trend as companies look for new revenue streams. This paper presents a study of customer care business model evolution in the smartphone industry. The paper identifies key changes in the ...

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