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dc.contributor.authorAusiello, Giorgio
dc.contributor.authorMarchetti-Spaccamela, Alberto
dc.contributor.authorProtasi, Marco
dc.identifier.issn0210-8054 (versió paper)
dc.description.abstractIn this paper results concerning structural and approximability properties of the subclass of NP-Complete Optimization Problems, defined over a lattice are considered. First, various approaches to the concept of Fully Polynomial Approximation Scheme are presented with application to several known problems in the class of NP-Complete Optimization Problems. Secondly, a characterization of full Approximability for the class of Max Subset Problems is introduced.
dc.format.extentp. 5-11
dc.publisherUniversitat Politècnica de Barcelona. Centre de Càlcul
dc.relation.ispartofQüestiió. 1981, vol.5, núm.1
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Spain
dc.subject.otherMathematical programming
dc.titleFull approximability of a class of problems over power sets
dc.subject.lemacProgramació (Matemàtica)
dc.subject.amsClassificació AMS::90 Operations research, mathematical programming::90C Mathematical programming
dc.rights.accessOpen Access

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