The Group for Educational Innovation and Logistics in Architecture (GILDA) organizes in collaboration with the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE-UPC), the Workshop for Educational Innovation in Architecture (JIDA). The JIDA workshop has as its aim the divulgation and exchange of experiences on educational innovation in the context of graduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of architecture and urbanism. The purpose of the JIDA workshop is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in higher education taking into account the uniqueness of these fields of knowledge. The workshop is open to the participation of all those professionals in higher education who wish to share their experience on educational innovation in the field of Architecture and Urbanism with the scientific community, as well as to the experts and novices interested in this subject.

Peer Review Process: Selection and evaluation of manuscripts will be conducted by external peer reviewers, with a double-blind system: the Organizing Committee will verify that the article meets the standards for style and contents indicated in the guidelines for authors; afterwards, it will send the article to two anonymous reviewers experts. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, authors will receive an outcome of the evaluation.

Direction JIDA
Berta Bardí Milà
Daniel García-Escudero

Alba Arboix Alió

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Recent Submissions

  • Ideograma 

    Rodríguez-Andrés, Jairo; Ojos-Moral, Jesús de los; Fernández-Catalina, Manuel (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This teaching action, carried out in parallel to the development of the End of Degree Project, has been organized with the aim of providing students with sufficient tools to be able to define project ideas as clear and ...
  • Hyper-connected hybrid educational models for distributed learning through prototyping 

    Chamorro Martin, Eduardo; Chadha, Kunaljit (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The emergence of virtual classrooms has deeply impacted and transformed the educational methodologies and protocols, in particular since the dawn of the COVID19 pandemic. This sudden change from on-campus to virtual learning ...
  • Taller de las Ideas 

    Ojos-Moral, Jesús de los; Rodríguez-Andrés, Jairo; Fernández-Catalina, Manuel (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This publication aims to communicate the teaching experience carried out during the Ideas Workshop; a workshop developed with students from the first courses of Architectural Projects with the purpose of activating the ...
  • Los proyectos colaborativos como estrategia docente 

    Vodanovic Undurraga, Drago; Fonseca Alvarado, Maritza Carolina; Noguera Errázuriz, Cristobal; Bustamante Bustamante, Teresita Paz (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Service-based learning, project-based and collaborative learning today are integrated into the collaborative-project development experience carried out by the architecture career at the San Sebastian University. Today, the ...
  • Paisajes Encontrados: docencia remota y pedagogías experimentales confinadas 

    Prado Diaz, Alberto (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    En el context sanitari de confinament i docència remota, la proposta de pedagogies experimentals en ambients confinats, aplicat a un exercici de el primer curs de Projectes d'Arquitectura, indaga en l'impacte d'entorns ...
  • Urbanismo participativo: una herramienta docente para tiempos de incertidumbre 

    Carrasco Bonet, Marta; Fava, Nadia (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Crises and uncertainties characterise the current life space of future professionals while there is a widening gap between academia and the territorial governance system and society. The teaching of urban planning is ...
  • El portafolio como estrategia para facilitar el aprendizaje significativo en Urbanismo 

    Márquez-Ballesteros, Maria José; Nebot-Gómez de Salazar, Nuria; Chamizo-Nieto, Francisco José (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The direct applicability of the theoretical contents exposed in the master classes of Urban Planning subjects are not always clear in their practical development. This makes difficult the complete learning of the students. ...
  • Participación activa del estudiante: gamificación y creatividad como estrategias docentes 

    Loren-Méndez, Mar; Pinzón-Ayala, Daniel; Alonso-Jiménez, Roberto F. (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The methodological revolution of the Bologna Plan has placed students at the center of the teaching-learning processes, encouraging their participation based on a symmetrical dialogue with the teaching staff. The methodologies ...
  • Cuaderno de empatía: una buena práctica para conocer al usuario desde el inicio del proyecto 

    Cabrero-Olmos, Raquel (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The importance of understanding the end user for the development of an architecture or design project is now indisputable. Their needs, expectations and aspirations, investigated through empathy, allow to define (or redefine) ...
  • Craft-based methods for robotic fabrication: a shift in Architectural Education 

    Mayor Luque, Ricardo; Dubor, Alexandre; Marengo, Mathilde (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This article discusses robotic fabrication as a tool, beyond an innovative mode of production, to reinterpret the traditional methodology of craftsmanship, such as painting or stereotomy, offering new design potentials ...
  • Punto de encuentro interdisciplinar: el Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Navarra 

    Tabera Roldán, Andrés; Velasco Pérez, Álvaro; Alonso Pedrero, Fernando (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The Museum of the University of Navarra (MUN) is a centre dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art through exhibitions, events, programmes, multidisciplinary research and education. Furthermore, as a university ...
  • Arquitectura e ingeniería: una visión paralela de la obra arquitectónica 

    García-Asenjo Llana, David (2021-10-28)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The contribution of engineering was fundamental in the evolution of the modern form. Many of the advances introduced by the masters of the modern movement were accompanied by technical improvements that made it possible ...

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