JOTSE is an international Journal aiming at publishing interdisciplinary research within the university education framework and it is especially focused on the fields of Technology and Science. JOTSE serves as an international forum of reference for Engineering education.

Teaching innovation oriented, the journal will be issued twice per year (every 6 months) and will include original works, research and projects dealing with the new learning methodologies and new learning supporting tools related to the wide range of disciplines the Engineering studies and profession involve.

In addition, JOTSE will also issue special numbers on more technological themes from the different areas of general interest in the industrial world, which may be used as practical cases in classroom tuition and practice. Thereby, getting the working world reality closer to the learning at University.

Editors in chief

Beatriz Amante García, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,BarcelonaTech, Spain

María Martínez Martínez, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,BarcelonaTech, Spain

Editorial Team

Graciela Benzal, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina

Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Juan José Escribano, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain

Dolors Grau, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Alejandro Lorenzo-Lledó, Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Sònia Oliver del Olmo, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Poyatos Matas, Griffith University, Australia

Emilio Rayon, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

Francisco Rejón-Guardia, University of Granada, Spain

María del Carmen Romero, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Spain

Lorenzo Salas-Morera, Escuela Politécnica de la Universidad de Córdoba, Spain

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Recent Submissions

  • Formative research: perceptions of communication science students at a peruvian university 

    Esquivel Grados, José; Venegas Mejía, Valia Luz; Venegas Mejía, Clotilde Paula; Gonzáles Benites, Manuel Tomás; Bacón Salazar, Nelson; Valdivia Huaranga, Heber Arnaldo (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    Formative research generates different perceptions in undergraduate students, and in order to know more about them, 80 were surveyed, and 12 Communication Science students were interviewed at a national university in Lima ...
  • E-learning and the factors that influence the fear of failing an academic year in the era of Covid-19 

    Gutiérrez Aguilar, Olger; Talavera Mendoza, Fabiola; Chicaña Huanca, Sandra; Cano Villafuerte, Sharmila; Sotillo Velásquez, José Antonio (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    The aim of this research has enabled us to establish the influential relationship between factors associated with e-learning, such as individual impact and depression, and the mediating role in psychological distress and ...
  • Motivations and use of video games in engineering students 

    Núñez Pacheco, Rosa; Turpo Gebera, Osbaldo; Barreda Parra, Aymé; Vidal, Elisabeth; Castro Gutiérrez, Eveling; Aguaded, Ignacio (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    The use of video games has increased exponentially worldwide, mainly among the youth population. The main objective of this article is to evaluate the consumption habits and motivations of engineering students to play video ...
  • Media and information literacy in secondary students: diagnosis and assessment 

    Turpo Gebera, Osbaldo; Zea Urviola, Mercedes; Huamaní Portilla, Fátima; Girón Pizarro, Milagros; Pérez Zea, Alexandra; Aguaded Gómez, Ignacio (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    In the information and knowledge society, technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have added to the debate on Media and Information Literacy (MIL). In Peru, in spite of the recommendations from international institutions, ...
  • Formative research and the achievement of skills based on undergraduate theses in university higher education 

    Enriquez, Giovanna; Zevallos, Edith; Zenteno, Flaviano; Pariona, Daniel; López, Rommel (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    The aim of this research was to determinate the relationship between formative research and the achievement of skills based on undergraduate theses in university higher education, considering three dimensions: student ...
  • Use of gamification in english learning in higher education: a systematic review 

    Laura de la Cruz, Kevin Mario; Noa Copaja, Stefany Juliana; Turpo Gebera, Osbaldo; Montesinos Valencia, Cecilia Claudia; Bazán Velásquez, Silvia Milagritos; Pérez Postigo, Gerber Sergio (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    Digital gamification is a dynamic technique for enhancing English learning and closing the barrier across student learning and pedagogical praxis. The review offers a summary of gamification in digital English learning ...
  • Uses of Facebook and academic procrastination in general studies students at a peruvian university 

    Taipe Quispe, Alicia; Heredia Mamani, Yulissa; Turpo Gebera, Osbaldo; Igartua, Juan José (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    The incidence of consumption on Facebook around the world and its implications for university students is something that has necessarily been studied in the scientific literature (Gil-Flores, De Besa-Gutierrez ...
  • Serious video games in engineering education: a scoping review 

    Núñez Pacheco, Rosa; Espinoza Montoya, Claudia; Yucra Quispe, Liz Marjorie; Turpo Gebera, Osbaldo; Aguaded, Ignacio (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    Video games have become an important element of contemporary life. The need to use them in the field of education has given rise to the appearance of serious video games, which have been specially designed to achieve ...
  • Professors' perception of the use of digital skills and gamification in a peruvian university 

    Núñez Pacheco, Rosa; Barreda Parra, Aymé; Castro Gutiérrez, Eveling; Turpo Gebera, Osbaldo; Aguaded, Ignacio (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    The COVID-19 pandemic has produced profound changes in higher education, with the replacement of face-to-face instruction with distance or remote education, which involves the management of digital skills by teachers and ...
  • 1st International Congress on Research, Technological Development and Innovation in University Education 

    Pérez Postigo, Gerber Sergio; Amante García, Beatriz; Martínez Martínez, María del Rosario (OmniaScience, 2023-05)
    Open Access
    Different papers have been presented to the congress by renowned researchers along the following five thematic lines: Scientific research, training and researcher training; Research, innovation and development policies in ...
  • The impact of an integrated STEAM project delivered via mobile technology on the reasoning ability of elementary school students 

    Siregar, Yulia Elfrida Yanty; Rahmawati, Yuli; Suyono, Suyono (OmniaScience, 2023-03)
    Open Access
    The aim of this research is to describe the impact of implementing an integrated STEAM Project in mobile technology on the Mathematical Reasoning ability of elementary school students and to describe the process of designing ...
  • Chemistry project-based learning for secondary metabolite course with ethno-STEM approach to improve students' conservation and entrepreneurial character in the 21st century 

    Sudarmin, Sudarmin; Pujiastuti, Rr. Sri Endang; Asyhar, Rayandra; Prasetya, Agung Tri; Diliarosta, Skunda; Ariyatun, Ariyatun (OmniaScience, 2023-03)
    Open Access
    This research aims to develop chemistry project-based learning with an Integrated Ethnoscience Approach in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Ethno-STEM) to improve students’ conservation and entrepreneurial ...

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