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dc.contributorFarran Marsà, Adriana
dc.contributor.authorGasulla Casamajó, Neus
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria Química
dc.description.abstractIn this master thesis, the reuse Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWD-RO) brine extracted from the El Prat Desalination plant was studied and valorised, in order to assess the possible usage in the chlor-alkali industry. The brine was chemically characterized using different analytical methods adapted to the high salinities of the samples. Experiments were carried out in order to study nanofiltration for brine purification and electrodialysis for brines concentration. Moreover, as free chlorine was obtained in the ED anode chamber due to the current passing the cell, the production of hypochlorite from this stream using membrane contactors was studied in order to reuse this by-product. Electrodialysis demonstrated to be a feasible technology for SWD-RO brine concentration, as it concentrated the brine and at the same time produced some useful by-products that were further valorised. Nanofiltration efficiently removed polyvalent ions from studied brine. Nevertheless, brine compositions obtained after both treatments were not enough to meet the membrane electrolysis requirements. A secondary treatment will be required to polish the brines to reach the ppb levels required. Hypochlorite produced using a liquid-gas membrane contactor for disinfection purposes of potable water was obtained. However, some modifications should be done to the system in order to improve the overall efficiency of the process. Finally, a mathematical model to predict the concentration performance and design future experiments was developed and validated with the results obtained in the pilot plant.
dc.publisherUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Desenvolupament humà i sostenible::Enginyeria ambiental::Tractament de l'aigua
dc.subjectÀrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria química::Química del medi ambient::Química de l'aigua
dc.subject.lcshSaline water conversion -- Reverse osmosis process
dc.subject.lcshSaline water conversion -- Waste disposal
dc.subject.lcshMembranes (Technology)
dc.subject.lcshChlorine industry -- Environmental aspects
dc.subject.lcshAlkalie industry -- Environmental aspects
dc.titleValorization of brines in the chlor-alkaly industry using membrane technology
dc.typeMaster thesis
dc.subject.lemacAigua salada -- Dessalatge -- Osmosi inversa
dc.subject.lemacAigua salada -- Dessalatge -- Residus -- Eliminació
dc.subject.lemacMembranes (Tecnologia)
dc.subject.lemacClor -- Indústria i comerç -- Aspectes ambientals
dc.subject.lemacÀlcalis -- Indústria i comerç -- Aspectes ambientals
dc.rights.accessOpen Access
dc.audience.mediatorEscola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
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