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    • Enhancement of anaerobic digestion performance: which pretreatment for which waste? 

      Carrère, Helene; Passos, Fabiana Lopes del Rei; Antonopoulou, Georgia; Affes, Rim; Battimelli, Audrey; Ferrer Martí, Ivet; Steyer, Jean Phillipe (Mines Albi, 2014)
      Conference report
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      When properly designed, pretreatment may enhance the methane potential and/or anaerobic digestion rate, allowing better digester performance. The purpose of this paper is to give guidelines and present a rationale on ...
    • Restauración de canteras de caliza con lodos de depuradora: efectos en los lixiviados 

      García Gutiérrez, Sonia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2008-07-25)
      Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
      Open Access
      Las operaciones de restauración a menudo se realizan sobre vertientes (o taludes) con fuertes pendientes y en condiciones geomorfológicas poco estables, que de forma casi inevitable generan aguas de escorrentía y de ...
    • Start-up strategies of thermophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge 

      Gimenez-Lorang, Antonio; Ferrer Martí, Ivet; Flotats Ripoll, Xavier; Palatsi Civit, Jordi (2009-04)
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      The aim of the present work was to evaluate two different strategies to convert a continuous mesophilic anaerobic reactor into thermophilic, treating sewage sludge. The compared strategies were a single direct temperature ...
    • Using solid wastes as raw materials in clay bricks 

      Cremades Oliver, Lázaro Vicente; Cusidó Fàbregas, Joan Antoni; Soriano, Cecilia; Devant Guille, Martí V.F. (Nova Science Publishers, 2014-06)
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      The large quantities of sewage sludge that are currently generated require new alternatives for its recycling and final destination, beyond already known methods in the agriculture and cement industry. The use of this ...