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    • Engineering a point-of-care paper-microfluidic electrochemical device applied to the multiplexed quantitative detection of biomarkers in sputum 

      Gutierrez Capitan, Manuel; Sanchís Villariz, Ana; Carvalho, Estela; Baldi Coll, Antonio; Vilaplana Holgado, Lluïsa; Cardoso, Vanessa; Calleja Navalpotro, Álvaro; Wei, Mingxing; de la Rica, Roberto; Hoyo Pérez, Javier; Bassegoda Puigdomenech, Arnau; Tzanov, Tzanko; Marco Colas, María Pilar; Lanceros Méndez, Senentxu; Fernandez Sanchez, Cesar (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2023-07-19)
      Open Access
      Health initiatives worldwide demand affordable point- of-care devices to aid in the reduction of morbidity and mortality rates of high-incidence infectious and noncommunicable diseases. However, the production of robust ...
    • Self-assembly of collagen building blocks guided by electric fields 

      de la Rica, Roberto; Mendoza Gómez, Ernesto; Chow, Lesley W.; Cloyd, Kristy L.; Bertazzo, Sergio; Watkins, Hannah C.; Steele, Joseph A. M.; Stevens, Molly M. (2014-10-01)
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      Show me the way: protein building blocks are programmed to assemble hierarchically and yield a defined fiber morphology of micrometric length and precise nanometric diameter. The key step of this method is to align the ...