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    • A new tool-less layered fracturing technology and its pilot application in deep thick formations 

      Wang, Daobing; Zhou, Fujian; Ge, Hongkui; Zlotnik, Sergio (2016)
      Conference report
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      Multi-layer fracturing technology is challenging because of the risk of packer failure and high cost in the deep thick formation. It depends largely on the effectiveness of packer tools. However, a new degradable fiber ...
    • The main factors and rules of stress shadow of perpendicular cracks 

      Wang, Daobing; Zhou, Fujian; Ge, Hongkui; Zlotnik, Sergio; Yang, Xiangtong; Peng, Jinlong (2017-07)
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      Based on elasticity theory, we use numerical Galerkin finite element discretization method and implement Matlab finite element code to simulate “stress shadow” distributions of mutual orthogonal fractures. The principal ...