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  • Light pollution offshore: Zenithal sky glow measurements in the mediterranean coastal waters 

    Ges Cros, Xavier; Bará Viñas, Salvador; García Gil, Manuel; Zamorano, J; Ribas, Salvador; Masana, Eduard (2018-05)
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    Light pollution is a worldwide phenomenon whose consequences for the natural environment and the human health are being intensively studied nowadays. Most published studies address issues related to light pollution inland. ...
  • Statistical modelling and satellite monitoring of upward light from public lighting 

    Estrada García, Ramón; García Gil, Manuel; Acosta Argueta, Lesly María; Bará Viñas, Savador; Sanchez de Miguel, Alejandro; Zamorano, J (2015-04-21)
    Open Access
    In this work, we propose an approach to estimating the amount of light wasted by being sent towards the upper hemisphere from urban areas. This is a source of light pollution. The approach is based on a predictive model ...