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  • Consistency of seven different GNSS global ionospheric mapping techniques during one solar cycle 

    Roma Dollase, David; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Krankowski, Andrzej; Kotulak, Kacper; Ghoddousi Fard, Reza; Yuan, Yunbin; Li, Zishen; Zhang, Hongping; Shi, Chuang; Wang, Cheng; Feltens, Joachim; Vergados, Panagiotis; Komjathy, Attila; Schaer, Stefan C.; García Rigo, Alberto; Gómez Cama, José Mª (2017-11-28)
    Open Access
    In the context of the International GNSS Service (IGS), several IGS Ionosphere Associated Analysis Centers have developed different techniques to provide global ionospheric maps (GIMs) of vertical total electron content ...
  • Real time global ionospheric maps: a low latency alternative to traditional GIMs 

    Roma Dollase, David; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; García Rigo, Alberto; Laurichesse, Denis; Schmidt, Michael; Erdogan, Eren; Yuan, Yunbin; Li, Zishen; Gómez-Cama, José Ma.; Krankowski, Andrzej (2016)
    Conference lecture
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    Since the late nineties different entities have been generating and distributing Global Ionospheric Maps (GIMs). In this time, multiple new application have arisen from the determination of electron content distribution ...
  • SHPTS: towards a new method for generating precise global ionospheric TEC map based on spherical harmonic and generalized trigonometric series functions 

    Li, Zishen; Yuan, Yunbin; Wang, Ningbo; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Huo, Xingliang (2015-04)
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    To take maximum advantage of the increasing Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data to improve the accuracy and resolution of global ionospheric TEC map (GIM), an approach, named Spherical Harmonic plus generalized ...