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    • A direct Z-scheme for the photocatalytic hydrogen production from a water ethanol mixture on CoTiO3/TiO2 heterostructures 

      Xing, Congcong; Liu, Yongpeng; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Xiang; Guardia, Pablo; Yao, Liang; Han, Xu; Zhang, Ting; Arbiol Cobos, Jordi; Soler Turu, Lluís; Chen, Yufen; Sivula, Kevin; Guijarro, Néstor; Cabot, Andreu; Llorca Piqué, Jordi (2021-01-01)
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      Photocatalytic H2 evolution from ethanol dehydrogenation is a convenient strategy to store solar energy in a highly valuable fuel with potential zero net CO2 balance. Herein, we report on the synthesis of CoTiO3/TiO2 ...
    • Solution-processed ultrathin SnS 2 -Pt nanoplates for photoelectrochemical water oxidation 

      Zuo, Yong; Liu, Yongpeng; Li, Junshan; Du, Ruifeng; Yu, Xiaoting; Xing, Congcong; Zhang, Ting; Yao, Liang; Arbiol, Jordi; Llorca Piqué, Jordi; Sivula, Kevin; Guijarro, Néstor; Cabot Codina, Andreu (2019-02-20)
      Open Access
      Tin disulfide (SnS2) is attracting significant interest due to the abundance of its elements and its excellent optoelectronic properties in part related to its layered structure. In this work, we detail the preparation of ...