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    • Transverse single-shot cross-correlation scheme for laser pulse temporal measurement via planar second harmonic generation 

      Wang, Bingxia; Cojocaru, Crina; Krolikowski, Wieslaw; Yan Sheng, Yan Sheng; Trull Silvestre, José Francisco (2016-09-15)
      Open Access
      We present a novel single-shot cross-correlation technique based on the analysis of the transversally emitted second harmonic generation in crystals with random distribution and size of anti-parallel nonlinear domains. We ...
    • Ultrashort pulse chirp determination via transverse auto-correlation in SBN crystal 

      Wang, Bingxia; Cojocaru, Crina; Inigo Sola, Inigo Sola; Wieslaw Krolikowski, Wieslaw Krolikowski; Yan Sheng, Yan Sheng; Vilaseca Alavedra, Ramon; Trull Silvestre, José Francisco (2015)
      Conference lecture
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      We determine the different initial chirp parameters of ultra-short pulses down to 30 fs via single-shot transverse auto-correlation method based on transverse second harmonic generation in SBN crystal with random distribution ...