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    • From saturated to unsaturated conditions and vice versa 

      Lloret Cabot, Marti; Wheeler, Simon J.; Pineda Jiménez, Jubert Andrés; Romero Morales, Enrique Edgar; Sheng, Daichao (2018-02)
      Open Access
      Representing transitions between saturated and unsaturated conditions, during drying, wetting and loading paths, is a necessary step for a consistent unification between saturated and unsaturated soil mechanics. Transitions ...
    • Influence of mechanical yielding on predictions of saturation: the saturation line 

      Lloret-Cabot, Martí; Wheeler, Simon J. (CIMNE, 2017)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      It is now well accepted that the mechanical and the water retention behaviour of a soil under unsaturated conditions are coupled and, that such coupling, should be incorporated into a constitutive model for a realistic ...
    • Numerical integration of an elasto-plastic critical state model for soils under unsaturated conditions 

      Lloret Cabot, Marti; Wheeler, Simon J.; Gens Solé, Antonio; Sloan, Scott (Elsevier, 2021-09)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      This paper presents the complete set of incremental equations for the numerical integration of the Glasgow Coupled Model (GCM) and a comprehensive algorithm for its numerical integration. The incremental formulation proposed ...