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  • Energy-aware routing optimization in dynamic GMPLS controlled optical networks 

    Wang, J; Ricciardi, Sergio; Fagertun, A.M.; Ruepp, Sarah; Careglio, Davide; Dittmann, L. (IEEE, 2012)
    Conference report
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    In this paper, routing optimizations based on energy sources are proposed in dynamic GMPLS controlled optical networks. The influences of re-routing and load balancing factors on the algorithm are evaluated, with a focus ...
  • Full scale pedestrian impact testing with PMHS: A pilot study 

    Kerrigan, Jason; Kam, check; Drinkwater, Cris; Murphy, Dru; Arregui Dalmases, Carlos; Millington, Steve; Teresinski, Gregor; Bolton, Jim; Crandall, Jeff R.; Deng, Bing; Wang, J; Kerkeling, C; Hahn, W (2004)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The complexity of vehicle-pedestrian collisions necessitates extensive validation of pedestrian computational models. While body components can be individually simulated, overall validation of human pedestrian models ...