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    • A sand-gravel Gilbert delta subject to base level change 

      Chavarrías Borrás, Víctor; Blom, Astrid; Orrú, Clara; Martín Vide, Juan Pedro; Viparelli, Enrica (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2018-05)
      Open Access
      Laboratory experiments were conducted on a sand-gravel Gilbert delta to gain insight on its dynamics under varying base level. Base level rise results in intensified aggradation over the topset, as well as a decrease in ...
    • Comparison between experimental and numerical stratigraphy emplaced by a prograding delta 

      Viparelli, Enrica; Blom, Astrid; Ferrer Boix, Carles; Kuprenas, Rachel (European Geosciences Union (EGU), 2014-06)
      Open Access
      A one-dimensional model that is able to store the stratigraphy emplaced by a prograding delta is validated against experimental results. The laboratory experiment describes the migration of a Gilbert delta on a sloping ...
    • Incision and width changes caused by dam removal: experiments and data analysis 

      Ferrer Boix, Carles; Viparelli, Enrica; Cantelli, A.; Haydel, R.; Parker, Gary; Martín Vide, Juan Pedro (BAW, 2010)
      Conference report
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      Dam removal may cause severe disruptions to the river, both upstream and downstream of the former location of the dam. The aim of the paper is to study the physical response to dam removal in the former deposit upstream. ...