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  • Building links between Europe and South-East Asia in the field of EGNSS: the BELS project and the Navis 

    Povero, Gabriella; Deisting, Baerbel; Kling, Sabine; Hai Tung, Ta; Vinh, La The; Belforte, Gustavo; Sanz Subirana, Jaume; Rizos, Chris; Marradi, Livio (2015)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    South East Asia is growing at an impressive pace with its GDP having increased by about 350% in ten years , ri sing from 650 Billion $ in 2002 to about 2300 Billion $ in 2012. Regional governments actively promote ...
  • Description of the experiment set-up in Vietnam 

    Quang, Phuong Xuan; Vinh, La The; Juan Zornoza, José Miguel; Sanz Subirana, Jaume; García Rigo, Alberto; Hai Tung, Ta (2013-07-03)
    External research report
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  • Experiments on the Ionospheric Models in GNSS 

    Vinh, La The; Quang, Phuong Xuan; García Rigo, Alberto; Rovira Garcia, Adrià; Ibáñez Segura, Deimos (2013)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    In GNSS, one of the main error sources of the Standard Positioning Service (SPS) is introduced by the ionosphere. Although this error can be cancelled by combining two signals at different frequencies, most of the ...