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    • Applying user experience methods on TV quiz shows interaction design 

      Pifarré, Marc; Villegas, Eva; Fonseca, David; Redondo Domínguez, Ernesto; Navarro Delgado, Isidro (2012-02)
      Open Access
      The participation of the audience in tv quiz shows has traditionally two types of profiles: the contestant and the home viewer. This project has the goal of define the creation a new user profile: the remote contestant, ...
    • Mobile visualization of architectural projects: Quality and emotional evaluation based on user experience 

      Fonseca Escudero, David; Redondo Domínguez, Ernesto; Navarro Delgado, Isidro; Pifarré, Marc; Villegas, Eva (2011-06)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      The visualization of architectural design has always been associated with physical models, exhibition panels and displays on computer screens, usually in a large format. However, technological developments in the past ...