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  • Beta decay studies of neutron rich nuclei using total absorption gamma-ray spectroscopy and delayed neutron measurements 

    Jokinen, Ari; Tain, J.L.; Algora, A.; Estevez, E.; Rubio, B.; Valencia, E; Jordan, D.; Äystö, J.; Eronen, T.; Gómez Hornillos, María Belén; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Caballero Folch, Roger; Gelletly, W.; Bunce, M.; Batist, L.; Moore, I.; Porta, A.; Van Vinh, B.; Fallot, M.; Giot, L.; Martínez, T.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Garcia, A. (2011-08-11)
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  • First measurements with the BEta deLayEd Neutron Detector (BELEN-20) at JYFLTRAP 

    Martínez, T.; Gómez Hornillos, María Belén; Rissanen, J.; Tain, J.L.; Algora, A.; Cano Ott, Daniel; Agramunt, J.; Gorlychev, V.; Caballero Folch, Roger; Kolhinen, V.S.; Karvonen, P.; Jokinen, Ari; Hakala, P.J.; Garcia, A.; Eronen, T.; Elomaa, V.V.; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Äystö, J.; Achouri, L.; Moore, I.; Valencia, E; Reponen, M.; Sonnenschein, V.; Podolyak, Z.; Pretel Sánchez, Carme; Parlog, M.; Penttila, H. (IOPScience, 2010)
    Conference report
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    A prototype version of the BEta deLayEd Neutron detector, which is being developed for the FAIR/DESPEC experiment, has been used for the first time in an experiment at JYFL (Finland). This detector is based on 3He counters ...
  • Numerical simulation of cavitation erosion on a NACA0015 hydrofoil based on bubble collapse strength 

    Hidalgo, Victor; Luo, Xianwu; Escaler Puigoriol, Francesc Xavier; Huang, R; Valencia, E (Institute of Physics (IOP), 2015)
    Conference report
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    The prediction of erosion under unsteady cavitation is crucial to prevent damage in hydraulic machinery. The present investigation deals with the numerical simulation of erosive partial cavitation around a NACA0015 hydrofoil. ...