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    • Battery management fuzzy control for a grid-tied microgrid with renewable generation 

      Arcos Aviles, Diego Gustavo; Guinjoan Gispert, Francisco; Barricarte, J.; Marroyo, L.; Sanchís, P; Valderrama Blavi, H. (2012)
      Conference report
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      A fuzzy logic controller design for the battery management of a grid-tied real domestic microgrid including 6 kWp of PV and 6kW wind power renewable generators is presented. The fuzzy controller parameters design is ...
    • Power adaptor device for domestic DC microgrids based on commercial MPPT inverters 

      Valderrama Blavi, H.; Bosque, J.M.; Guinjoan Gispert, Francisco; Marroyo, L.; Martínez Salamero, L. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
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      This paper presents a power adaptor device, referred to as smart panel device, allowing the connection of additional energy sources and storage elements to a domestic photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected system. The adaptor ...
    • Power-quality improvement of a stand-alone induction generator using a STATCOM with battery energy storage system 

      Barrado, J.A.; Griñó Cubero, Robert; Valderrama Blavi, H. (2010-10)
      Open Access
      This paper presents a STATCOM with a self-oscillating bidirectional dc-dc converter for interfacing battery energy storage in a stand-alone induction generator system. The self-oscillation mode is based on relay feedback ...