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    • Coherent structures in oscillatory flows within the laminar-to-turbulent transition regime for smooth and rough walls 

      Mujal Colilles, Anna; Christensen, Kenneth T.; Bateman Pinzón, Allen; Garcia, Marcelo Horacio (2016-04)
      Open Access
      We investigate coherent structures present in oscillatory boundary layers over smooth and rough beds for Reynolds numbers between 103 and 104, in the transition to turbulence regime. A two-camera 2D- particle image velocimetry ...
    • Study: wind tunnel characterization 

      Maldonado Pérez, Julio (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2018-01)
      Bachelor thesis
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    • Technique for visualization of complex fluxes 

      Tellez Alvarez, Jackson David; Gómez Valentín, Manuel; Russo, Beniamino; Redondo Apraiz, José Manuel (Print Pro, 2016)
      Conference report
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      We present a new technique of turbulence analysis in fast flowing flows such as those encountered in hydraulic applications. Surface Flow image velocimetry (SFIV) allows to measure complex surface velocity fields in ...