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  • Aircraft noise-monitoring according to ISO 20906: evaluation of uncertainty derived from the human factors affecting event detection 

    Asensio, Alberto; Ausejo, Miguel; Kambrosic, Kristian; Kang, Jiang; Moschioni, Giovanni; Pagán, R.; Pavón, I.; Romeu Garbí, Jordi; Trujillo, J. A.; Vigano, Giacomo; Ruiz Delgado, Manuel; Recuero López, Manuel (2012)
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    One of the most important issues in aircraft noise monitoring systems is the correct detection and marking of aircraft sound events through their measurement profiles, as this influences the reported results. In the recent ...
  • Air recovery assessment on high-pressure pneumatic systems 

    Trujillo, J. A.; Gámez Montero, Pedro Javier; Codina Macià, Esteban (2016-05-23)
    Open Access
    A computational simulation and experimental work of the fluid flow through the pneumatic circuit used in a stretch blow moulding machine is presented in this paper. The computer code is built around a zero-dimensional ...