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  • A wireless under-mattress sensor system for sleep monitoring in people with major depression 

    Mahdavi, Hadiseh; Ramos Castro, Juan José; Giovinazzo, Giuseppe; García González, Miguel Ángel; Rosell Ferrer, Francisco Javier (2012)
    Conference report
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    Monitoring people during sleep time is of particular interest to patients with sleep disorders and elderly people or infants. We have developed a battery powered electronic system to monitor people in the bed, store the ...
  • Effects of thermoregulation on human sleep patterns: A mathematical model of sleep-wake cycles with REM-NREM subcircuit 

    Bañuelos, Selenne; Best, Janet; Huguet Casades, Gemma; Prieto-Langarica, Alicia; Pyzza, Pamela; Schmidt, Markus; Wilson, Shelby (2015)
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    In this paper we construct a mathematical model of human sleep/wake regulation with thermoregulation and temperature e ects. Simulations of this model show features previously presented in experimental data such as elongation ...
  • Obstructive sleep apnea in a rat model: effects of anesthesia on autonomic evaluation from heart rate variability measures 

    Jané Campos, Raimon; Lázaro, Jesús; Ruiz, Puy; Gil, Eduardo; Navajas, Daniel; Farré, Ramon; Laguna, Pablo (Computing in Cardiology, 2013)
    Conference report
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    Rat model of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a realistic approach for studying physiological mechanisms involved in sleep. Rats are usually anesthetized and autonomic nervous system (ANS) could be blocked. This study aimed ...
  • SmartBed, el futur del llit 

    Mata Esteve, Ricard (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2016-10)
    Bachelor thesis
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    Covenantee:  Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya / Fundación Estivill Sueño
    Algunes de les accions que realitzem diàriament no tenen en compte els possibles perjudicis per al descans físic i mental del nostre cos, podent derivar en patologies del son com l’insomni o les apnees, que estan en ...