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    • Pre-stressed NiTi: effects of the thermodynamic forces and time 

      Torra Ferré, Vicenç; Isalgué Buxeda, Antonio; Auguet Sangrá, Carlota E.; Lovey, Francisco Carlos; Pelegrina, J.L.; Terriault, P. (2008-11-30)
      Conference lecture
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      The use of NiTi in damping devices for Civil Engineering requires stable behavior of the stress-strain curves with time and cycling. In particular, the use of pre-stressed samples improves the damping efficiency. Since ...
    • The SMA properties in civil engineering applications. The SMARTeR project: use of SMA in damping of stayed cables for bridges 

      Torra Ferré, Vicenç; Isalgué Buxeda, Antonio; Carreras, G.; Lovey, Francisco Carlos; Soul, H.; Terriault, P.; Zapico, B. (2009-09)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Abstract. One of the classical applications of the SMA is based on the used of the hysteresis cycle associated to the martensitic transformation (classically, described as a first order phase transition) for damping ...
    • The SMA: an effective damper in civil engineering that smoothes oscillations 

      Torra Ferré, Vicenç; Auguet Sangrá, Carlota E.; Carreras, Guillem; Dieng, Lamine; Lovey, F.C.; Terriault, P. (2012)
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      The properties of SMA (Shape Memory Alloys, smart materials) are associated to a first order phase transition named martensitic transformation that occurs between metastable phases: austenite and martensite. At higher ...