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    • Investigation of geotextile resistance to the environment 

      Somogyi Škoc, Maja; Borrás, Jaume; Ardanuy Raso, Mònica; Tarbuk, Anita (2016)
      Conference report
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      The aim of this work was to provide an investigation of nonwoven geotextiles resistance to the environment. When a geotextile is used in a civil engineering structure, it is intended to perform a particular function for a ...
    • The influence of enzymatic pretreatment on apparel design 

      Bagaric, Petra; Canal Arias, José María; Grgic, Katia; Tarbuk, Anita (2017)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Enzymatic processing contributes to a better touch and comfort of knitted fabrics. Therefore, in this paper, the influence of pretreatment time to process efficiency was researched. After pretreatment, few creations were ...