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    • Loophole-free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometres 

      Hensen, B.; Bernien, H.; Dréau, A. E.; Reiserer, A.; Kalb, N.; Blok, M. S.; Ruitenberg, J.; Vermeulen, R. F. L.; Schouten, R. N.; Abellán, Carlos, 1990-; Amaya, W.; Pruneri, P.; Mitchell, Morgan W.; Markham, M.; Twitchen, D. J.; Elkouss, D.; Wehner, S.; Taminiau, T. H.; Hanson, R. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-10-21)
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      More than 50 years ago1, John Bell proved that no theory of nature that obeys locality and realism2 can reproduce all the predictions of quantum theory: in any local-realist theory, the correlations between outcomes of ...