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    • DualSPHysics: an open-source code for engineering purposes 

      Rogers, Benedict D.; Fourtakas, Georgios; Stansby, Peter K.; Domínguez Alonso, José Manuel; Crespo, Alejandro J.C.; Gómez Gesteira, Moncho; García-Feal, Orlando; González-Cao, José; Birjukovs Canelas, Ricardo; Vacondio, Renato; Altomare, Corrado; Tafuni, Angelantonio (2020)
      Conference report
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      The DualSPHysics project is an open-source smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) code for simulating free-surface flow. The DualSPHysics code can be run on both multi-core central processing units (CPUs) or on a graphics ...
    • DualSPHysics: from fluid dynamics to multiphysics problems 

      Domínguez Alonso, José Manuel; Fourtakas, Georgios; Altomare, Corrado; Birjukovs Canelas, Ricardo; Tafuni, Angelantonio; García-Feal, Orlando; Martinez Estevez, Ivan; Mokos, Athanasios; Vacondio, Renato; Crespo, Alejandro J.C.; Rogers, Benedict D.; Stansby, Peter K.; Gómez Gesteira, Moncho (Springer, 2021-03)
      Open Access
      DualSPHysics is a weakly compressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) Navier–Stokes solver initially conceived to deal with coastal engineering problems, especially those related to wave impact with coastal structures. ...
    • Non-linear wave generation and absorption using open boundaries within DualSPHysics 

      Verbrugghe, Tim; Domínguez Alonso, José Manuel; Altomare, Corrado; Tafuni, Angelantonio; Vacondio, Renato; Troch, Peter; Kortenhaus, Andreas (2019-07)
      Open Access
      The present work introduces the implementation of wave generation and wave absorption of nonlinear, long-crested regular and irregular waves in the WCSPH-based (Weakly Compressible Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) DualSPHysics ...
    • SPH simulations of real sea waves impacting a large-scale structure 

      Altomare, Corrado; Tafuni, Angelantonio; Domínguez Alonso, José Manuel; Crespo, Alejandro J.C.; Gironella Cobos, Xavier; Sospedra Iglesias, Joaquim (MDPI, 2020-10)
      Open Access
      The Pont del Petroli is a dismissed pier in the area of Badalona, Spain, with high historical and social value. This structure was heavily damaged in January 2020 during the storm Gloria that hit southeastern Spain with ...