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    • 5G Infrastructures supporting end-user and operational services: the 5G-XHaul architectural perspective 

      Tzanakaki, Anna; Simeonidou, Dimitra; Berberana, Ignacio; Syrivelis, Dimitris; Camps Mur, Daniel; Demirkol, Ilker Seyfettin; Gutiérrez, Jesús; Wei, Qing; Fehske, Albrecht; Eiselt, Michael; Bartelt, Jens; Lyberopoulos, George; Grass, Eckhard; Anastasopoulos, Markos; Korakis, Thanasis; Flegkas, Paris; Pateromichelakis, Emmanouil; Grieger, Michael; Theodoropoulou, Eleni (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016)
      Conference report
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      We propose an optical-wireless 5G infrastructure offering converged fronthauling/backhauling functions to support both operational and end-user cloud services. A layered architectural structure required to efficiently ...
    • 5G-XHaul: a converged optical and wireless solution for 5G transport networks 

      Gutiérrez Terán, Jesús; Maletic, Nebojsa; Camps Mur, Daniel; García Villegas, Eduard; Berberana, Ignacio; Anastasopoulos, Markos; Tzanakaki, Anna; Kalokidou, Vaia; Flegkas, Paris; Syrivelis, Dimitris; Korakis, Thanasis; Legg, Peter; Markovic, Dusan; Limperopoulos, George; Bartelt, Jens; Chaudhary, Jay Kant; Grieger, Michael; Vucic, Nikola; Zou, Jim; Grass, Eckhard (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016-07-08)
      Open Access
      The common European Information and Communications Technology sector vision for 5G is that it should leverage on the strengths of both optical and wireless technologies. In the 5G context, a wide spectra of radio access ...
    • dReDBox: A Disaggregated Architectural Perspective for Data Centers 

      Alachiotis, Nikolaos; Andronikakis, Andreas; Papadakis, Orion; Theodoropoulos, Dimitris; Pnevmatikatos, Dionisios; Syrivelis, Dimitris; Reale, Andrea; Katrinis, Kostas; Zervas, George; Mishra, Vaibhawa; Yuan, Hui; Syrigos, Ilias; Igoumenos, Ioannis; Korakis, Thanasis; Torrents, Marti; Zyulkyarov, Ferad (Springer, 2018-08-22)
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      Data centers are currently constructed with fixed blocks (blades); the hard boundaries of this approach lead to suboptimal utilization of resources and increased energy requirements. The dReDBox (disaggregated Recursive ...
    • Wireless-optical network convergence: enabling the 5G architecture to support operational and end-user services 

      Tzanakaki, Anna; Anastasopoulos, Markos; Berberana, Ignacio; Syrivelis, Dimitris; Flegkas, Paris; Korakis, Thanasis; Camps Mur, Daniel; Demirkol, Ilker Seyfettin; Gutiérrez Terán, Jesús; Grass, Eckhard; Wei, Qing; Pateromichelakis, Emmanouil; Vucic, Nikola; Fehske, Albrecht; Grieger, Michael; Eiselt, Michael; Bartelt, Jens; Fettweis, Gerhard; Lyberopoulos, George; Theodoropoulou, Eleni; Simeonidou, Dimitra (2017-10-01)
      Open Access
      This article presents a converged 5G network infrastructure and an overarching architecture to jointly support operational network and end-user services, proposed by the EU 5G PPP project 5G-XHaul. The 5G-XHaul infrastructure ...