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    • Investigation of the 240Pu (n, f) reaction at the n_TOF/EAR2 facility in the 9 meV–6 MeV range 

      Stamatopoulos, A.; Tsinganis, Andrea; Colonna, Nicola; Vlastou, Roza; Diakaki, Maria; Žugec, Petar; Gunsing, Frank; Sabaté-Gilarte, Marta; Barbagallo, Massimo; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere (American Physical Society (APS), 2020-07-21)
      Open Access
      Background: Nuclear waste management is considered amongst the major challenges in the field of nuclear energy. A possible means of addressing this issue is waste transmutation in advanced nuclear systems, whose operation ...
    • Measurement of the 240Pu(n,f) cross-section at the CERN n TOF facility: First results from experimental area II (EAR-2) 

      Stamatopoulos, A.; Tsinganis, A.; Colonna, Nicola; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      The accurate knowledge of the neutron-induced fission cross-sections of actinides and other isotopes involved in the nuclear fuel cycle is essential for the design of advanced nuclear systems, such as Generation-IV nuclear ...
    • Measurement of the 70Ge(n,¿) cross section up to 300 keV at the CERN n_TOF facility 

      Lederer-Woods, C.; Andrzejewski, Józef; Battino, U.; Gunsing, Frank; Krticka, M.; Massimi, Cristian; Mingrone, Federica; Aberle, O.; Audouin, Ludmila; Bacak, M.; Barbagallo, Massimo; Beinrucker, C.; Berthoumieux, Eric; Bosnar, Damir; Brugger, Matthias; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Chen, Yu-Hsiang; Colonna, Nicola; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Cosentino, Luigi; Diakaki, M.; Domingo Pardo, César; Dressler, Rugard; Dupont, E.; Gonzalez Romero, E.; Goverdovski, A.; Griesmayer, E.; Jericha, E.; Kaeppeler, F.; Kadi, Y; Ketlerov, V.; Kimura, Atsushi; Leal-Cidoncha, E.; Leeb, H.; Lerendegui-Marco, J.; Losito, R.; Marganiec, J.; Mastromarco, M.; Musumarra, A.; Patronis, N.; Pavlik, A.; Rauscher, Thomas; Rubbia, C.; Sabaté-Gilarte, M.; Saxena, Avadh; Schmidt, Samuel; Stamatopoulos, A.; Tassan-Got, L.; Vannini, Gianni; Vlachoudis, V.; Wallner, A.; Wright, T.; Žugec, Petar (American Physical Society (APS), 2019-10-17)
      Open Access
      Neutron capture data on intermediate mass nuclei are of key importance to nucleosynthesis in the weakcomponent of the slow neutron capture processes, which occurs in massive stars. The (n,¿) cross section on70Ge, which is ...
    • Measurement of the240Pu(n,f) cross-section at the CERN n-TOF facility: First results from EAR-2 

      Tsinganis, A.; Stamatopoulos, A.; Colonna, Nicola; Vlastou, R.; Barbagallo, Massimo; Berthoumieux, Eric; Calviani, Marco; Andrzejewski, Józef; Audouin, Ludmila; Bécares, Vicente; Bosnar, Damir; Brugger, Matthias; Caamaño, Manuel; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere (2015)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The accurate knowledge of neutron cross-sections of a variety of plutonium isotopes and other minor actinides, such as neptunium, americium and curium, is crucial for feasibility and performance studies of advanced nuclear ...