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  • Ground-level ozone concentration over Spain: an application of Kalman Filter post-processing to reduce model uncertainties 

    Sicardi, Valentina; Ortiz, Joana; Rincón, Ángel; Jorba Casellas, Oriol; Pay Pérez, M. Teresa; Gassó Domingo, Santiago; Baldasano Recio, José María (2011-02-15)
    Open Access
    The CALIOPE air quality modelling system, namely WRF-ARW/HERMESEMEP/ CMAQ/BSC-DREAM8b, has been used to perform the simulation of ground level O3 concentration for the year 2004, over the Iberian Peninsula. We use this ...
  • Link between autumnal Arctic Sea ice and Northern Hemisphere winter forecast skill 

    Acosta Navarro, Juan C.; Ortega, Pablo; Batté, Lauriane; Smith, Doug; Bretonnière, Pierre-Antoine; Guemas, Virginie; Massonnet, François; Sicardi, Valentina; Torralba, Veronica; Tourigny, Etienne; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2020-02-28)
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    Dynamical forecast systems have low to moderate skill in continental winter predictions in the extratropics. Here we assess the multimodel predictive skill over Northern Hemisphere high latitudes and midlatitudes using ...