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    • DNA deposition through laser induced forward transfer 

      Colina Brito, Mónica Alejandra; Serra Coromina, Pere; Fernández Pradas, J. Marcos; Sevilla, Lidia; Morenza, José L. (2004-10-22)
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      Laser direct writing; LIFT; DNA; Microarrays
    • Preparation of functional DNA microarrays through laser-induced forward transfer 

      Serra Coromina, Pere; Colina Brito, Mónica Alejandra; Fernández Pradas, Juan Marcos; Sevilla, Lidia; Morenza, J. Luis (2004-08-30)
      Open Access
      A functional DNAmicroarray was prepared through the laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) technique. In a first experiment, droplets of a buffer solution were spotted onto a substrate at different laser pulse energies. ...