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  • Generalized satisfiability problems via operator assignments 

    Atserias, Albert; Kolaitis, Phokion; Severini, Simone (2019-09)
    Open Access
    Schaefer introduced a framework for generalized satisfiability problems on the Boolean domain and characterized the computational complexity of such problems. We investigate an algebraization of Schaefer's framework in ...
  • Quantum and non-signalling graph isomorphisms 

    Atserias, Albert; Mancinska, Laura; Roberson, David E.; Samal, Robert; Severini, Simone; Varvitsiotis, Antonios (2019-05)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    We introduce the (G,H)-isomorphism game, a new two-player non-local game that classical players can win with certainty iff the graphs G and H are isomorphic. We then define quantum and non-signalling isomorphisms by ...