• Candida pathogens induce protective mitochondria-associated type I interferon signalling and a damage-driven response in vaginal epithelial cells 

      Pekmezovic, Marina; Hovhannisyan, Hrant; Gresnigt, Mark S.; Iracane, Elise; Oliveira Pacheco, João; Siscar Lewin, Sofía; Seemann, Eric; Qualmann, Britta; Kalkreuter, Till; Müller, Sylvia; Kamradt, Thomas; Mogavero, Selene; Brunke, Sascha; Butler, Geraldine; Gabaldón, Toni; Hube, Bernhard (Springer Nature, 2021)
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      Vaginal candidiasis is an extremely common disease predominantly caused by four phylogenetically diverse species: Candida albicans; Candida glabrata; Candida parapsilosis; and Candida tropicalis. Using a time course infection ...