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    • Characterization and modelling of the ionosphere for EGNOS development and qualification 

      Schlüter, S.; Prieto Cerdeira, Roberto; Orús Pérez, Raul; Lam, J.P.; Juan Zornoza, José Miguel; Sanz Subirana, Jaume; Hernández Pajares, Manuel (2013)
      Conference lecture
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      The availability of representative data samples, models and statistical information derived from the analysis of parameters that adequately describe the state of the ionosphere are key elements for the design, verification ...
    • MONITOR - Ionospheric Monitoring System: An Analysis of Perturbed Days Affecting SBAS Performance 

      Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Prieto Cerdeira, Roberto; Beniguel, Yannick; García Rigo, Alberto; Kinrade, J; Kauristie, Kirsti; Orús Pérez, Raul; Schlüter, S.; Serant, Damien; Nava, Bruno; Krankowski, Andrzej; Secretan, Hugues; Sampedro Casis, Rodrigo; Prats Menéndez, Xavier (2015)
      Conference report
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      The Monitor project has been designed to monitor ionospheric events that would allow evaluating its impact on European GNSS Systems. It includes a network of ionospheric scintillation monitoring stations in various locations ...
    • Novel ionospheric activity indicator specifically tailored for GNSS users 

      Sanz Subirana, Jaume; Juan Zornoza, José Miguel; González Casado, Guillermo; Prieto Cerdeira, Roberto; Schlüter, S.; Orús Pérez, Raul (The Institute of Navigation, 2014)
      Conference report
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      This work introduces a novel ionospheric activity indicator useful for identifying disturbed periods affecting performance for GNSS users, at regional level. This indicator is based in the “Along Arc TEC Rate (AATR) and ...