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    • IPv6 Mesh over BLUETOOTH(R) Low Energy using IPSP 

      Gómez Montenegro, Carlos; Darroudi, Seyed Mahdi; Savolainen, Teemu; Spoerk, Michael (2019-03-09)
      Research report
      Open Access
      RFC 7668 describes the adaptation of 6LoWPAN techniques to enable IPv6 over Bluetooth low energy networks that follow the star topology. However, recent Bluetooth specifications allow the formation of extended topologies ...
    • Networking solutions for connecting bluetooth low energy enabled machines to the internet of things 

      Nieminen, Johanna; Gómez Montenegro, Carlos; Isomaki, Markus; Savolainen, Teemu; Patil, Basavaraj; Shelby, Zach; Oller Bosch, Joaquim (2014-11-01)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      The next wave driving the expansion of the Internet will come from the Internet of Things. Bluetooth LE is a rapidly emerging ultra-low-power radio technology expected to be incorporated in billions of IoT devices in the ...