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    • Compact ultrafast semiconductor disk laser: targeting GFP based nonlinear applications in living organisms 

      Loza Álvarez, Pablo; Artigas García, David; Santos, Susana I.C.O.; Aviles Espinosa, Rodrigo; Filippidis, George; Hamilton, Craig; Malcolm, Graeme; Weingarten, Kurt J.; Südmeyer, Thomas; Barbarin, Yohan; Keller, Ursula (2011-03-01)
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      We present a portable ultrafast Semiconductor Disk Laser (SDL) (or vertical extended cavity surface emitting laser—VECSELs), to be used for nonlinear microscopy. The SDL is modelocked using a quantum-dot semiconductor ...
    • Third-harmonic generation for the study of Caenorhabditis elegans embryogenesis 

      Aviles Espinosa, Rodrigo; Santos, Susana I.C.O.; Brodschelm, Andreas; Kaenders, Wilhelm G.; Alonso Ortega, Cesar; Artigas García, David; Loza Álvarez, Pablo (2010-08)
      Open Access
      Live microscopy techniques i.e., differential interference contrast, confocal microscopy, etc. have enabled the understanding of the mechanisms involved in cells and tissue formation. In long-term studies, special ...